Molecular and Cellular Biologists

Molecular and Cellular Biologists

Research and study cellular molecules and organelles to understand cell function and organization.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Analytical Thinking * Integrity * Persistence * Dependability * Initiative * Achievement/Effort * Innovation * Adaptability/Flexibility * Independence

Representative Tasks * Maintain accurate laboratory records and data. * Design molecular or cellular laboratory experiments, oversee their execution, and interpret results. * Compile and analyze molecular or cellular experimental data and adjust experimental designs as necessary.



Job Family Life, Physical, and Social Science

Sample Job Titles Biologist, Biology Researcher, Cell Biologist, Cell Biology Scientist, Cellular Biologist, DNA Sequencing Associate, Laboratory Technician, Life Science Research Assistant, Molecular Biologist, Molecular Biology Associate, Molecular Biology Director, Molecular Biology Professor, Molecular Biology Scientist, Molecular Research Scientist, Purification Scientist, Research Technician, Structural Biologist, Synthetic Biology Researcher.