Multiple Machine Tool Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic

Multiple Machine Tool Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic

Set up, operate, or tend more than one type of cutting or forming machine tool or robot.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Analytical Thinking * Innovation * Initiative * Integrity * Cooperation * Independence * Persistence * Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks * Observe machine operation to detect workpiece defects or machine malfunctions, adjusting machines as necessary. * Inspect workpieces for defects, and measure workpieces to determine accuracy of machine operation, using rules, templates, or other measuring instruments. * Set up and operate machines, such as lathes, cutters, shears, borers, millers, grinders, presses, drills, or auxiliary machines, to make metallic and plastic workpieces.


Manufacturing, Administrative & Support Services,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Automatic Wheel-Line Operator, Ballistics Laboratory Gunsmith, Cell Technician, Centrifugal Control Switch Machine Operator, CNC Machine Setter (Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Setter), CNC Machinist (Computer Numerically Controlled Machinist), CNC Operator (Computer Numerically Controlled Operator), Combination Machine Tool Operator, Combination Machine Tool Setter, Die Setter, Electrode Turner and Finisher, Four-Slide Machine Setter, Gear Cutting Machine Set-Up Operator, Gear Hobber Set-Up Operator, Gear Milling Machine Set-Up Operator, Gear Shaper Set-Up Operator, Gear Shaver Set-Up Operator, Gunsmith, Injection Molding Technician, Lay Up Technician, Loading Machine Tool Setter, Machine Operator, Machine Set-Up Operator, Machine Set-Up Technician, Machine Setter, Machine Technician, Machine Tool Operator, Machine Try-Out Setter, Machinist, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Metal and Plastic Combination Machine Tool Operator, Metal and Plastic Combination Machine Tool Setter, Metal and Plastic Transfer Machine Operator, Mold Set Up Technician, Multi-Operation Forming Machine Operator, Multi-operation Forming Machine Setter, Operator, Ornamental Metal Worker, Ornamental Metal Worker Apprentice, Production Gear Cutting Machine Operator, Production Machine Tender, Rim Roller Operator, Rim Technician, Set-Up Person, Shear Operator, Spiral Bevel Gear Generator Set-Up Operator, Spring Maker, Spring Manufacturing Set-Up Technician, Straight Bevel Gear Generator Set-Up Operator, Test and Turn-Up Technician, Tool Gear Cutting Machine Set-Up Operator, Tool Machine Setup Operator, Tool Operator, Transfer Machine Operator, Trim Machine Operator, Utility Operator, Weigh Up Technician.