Office Machine Operators, Except Computer

Office Machine Operators, Except Computer

Operate one or more of a variety of office machines, such as photocopying, photographic, and duplicating machines, or other office machines.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Adaptability/Flexibility * Cooperation * Integrity * Stress Tolerance * Independence * Self Control * Concern for Others * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Read job orders to determine the type of work to be done, the quantities to be produced, and the materials needed. * Sort, assemble, and proof completed work. * Operate office machines such as high speed business photocopiers, readers, scanners, addressing machines, stencil-cutting machines, microfilm readers or printers, folding and inserting machines, bursters, and binder machines.


Government, Manufacturing, Mining Quarrying & Oil & Gas Extraction, Administrative & Support Services,

Job Family Office and Administrative Support

Sample Job Titles Braille Coder, Braille Duplicating Machine Operator, Business Machine Operator, Check Embosser, Check Writing Machine Operator, Clerical Offset Duplicating Machine Operator, Coin Machine Operator, Coin Rolling Machine Operator, Coin Wrapping Machine Operator, Collating Machine Operator, Collator Operator, Compotype Operator, Copy and Print Associate, Copy Associate, Copy Center Associate, Copy Center Clerk, Copy Center Operator, Copy Center Specialist, Copy Machine Operator, Copy Operator, Copy Room Technician, Copy Technician, Dexigraph Operator, Ditto Machine Operator, Document Photographer, Duplicator, Dupligraph Operator, Embossing Machine Operator, Graphic Art Technician, Graphics Production Specialist, Graphotype Operator, Impress Associate, Key Operator, Line-O-Scribe Operator, Machine Operator, Micro Photographer, Microfiche Camera Operator, Microfilm Camera Operator, Microfilm Machine Operator, Microfilm Mounter, Microfilm Operator, Microfilmer, Mimeograph Operator, Mimeographer, Multigraph Operator, Multigrapher, Multilith Operator, Office Machine Embossograph Operator, Offset Duplicating Machine Operator, Onsite Services Specialist, Photocopy Operator, Photocopying Machine Operator, Photographic Machine Operator, Photostat Operator, Photostatic Copy Maker, Print Center Associate, Print Shop Assistant, Printing Services Coordinator, Printing Sign Machine Operator, Proof Clerk, Proof Machine Operator, Proof Operator, Recordak Operator, Reprographics Associate, Reprographics Technician, Scanning Clerk, Set-O-Type Operator, Shipping Specialist, Site Services Specialist, Ticket Machine Operator, Transit Clerk, Transit Department Clerk, Transit Proof Machine Operator, Xerox Machine Operator.