Painting, Coating, and Decorating Workers

Painting, Coating, and Decorating Workers

Paint, coat, or decorate articles such as furniture, glass, plateware, pottery, jewelry, toys, books, or leather.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Cooperation * Achievement/Effort * Persistence * Stress Tolerance * Self Control * Concern for Others * Initiative * Integrity

Representative Tasks * Apply coatings, such as paint, ink, or lacquer, to protect or decorate workpiece surfaces, using spray guns, pens, or brushes. * Select and mix ingredients to prepare coating substances according to specifications, using paddles or mechanical mixers. * Examine finished surfaces of workpieces to verify conformance to specifications and retouch any defective areas.


Government, Manufacturing, Mining Quarrying & Oil & Gas Extraction, Administrative & Support Services,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Air Brush Decorator, Air Brush Operator, Airbrush Painter, Art Gilder, Babbitter, Bake Off Decorator, Bakery Decorator, Balloon Dipper, Banner Painter, Barrel Coater, Barrel Liner, Battery Container Finishing Hand, Bisque Ware Dipper, Blender, Blocker, Bottom Painter, Bowling Pin Refinisher, Braze Applicator, Brush Hand, Brush Painter, Brusher, Bun Icer, Button Spindler, Carroter, Chalker, China Decorator, Clip Coater, Clock Hands Dipper, Clock Hands Painter, Coater, Coating Technician, Colorer, Cork Painter, Decal Applier, Decal Decorator, Decal Maker, Decaler, Decorator, Design Painter, Dial Marker, Dial Painter, Dial Refinisher, Dipper, Drawer Waxer, Drier, Duller, Duster, Dyer, Edge Stainer, Electroless Plater, Electrostatic Painter, Embossed Lettering Painter, Enamel Applier, Enamel Finisher, Enameler, Enrobing Machine Corder, Filler, Film Coater, Finisher, Foam Gun Operator, Fur Blender, Furniture Stainer, Gilder, Glass Bulb Silverer, Glass Decorator, Glass Tinter, Glaze Sprayer, Glazer, Gold Letterer, Hand Bander, Hand Candle Dipper, Hand Candy Dipper, Hand Funnel Coater, Hand Sign Writer, Hand Sprayer, Hand Striper, Hand Touch Up Painter, Hat Sprayer, Highlighter, Impressed Lettering Painter, In Mold Coater, Inker, Inlayer, Japanner, Jewelry Enameler, Keg Varnisher, Lacquerer, Latexer, Leather Coater, Lens Coater, Lens Coating Technician, Letterer, Lighting Fixtures Decorator, Liner, Luster Applicator, Mannequin Coloring Artist, Mannequin Decorator, Mannequin Refinisher, Manugrapher, Map Colorer, Masker, Mirror Maker, Mirror Painter, Mirror Silverer, Neckties Painter, Neon Sign Maker, Opaquer, Optical Glass Silverer, Oxidizer, Painter, Painting Technician, Painting Worker, Panel Edge Painter, Panman, Paper Stripper, Paster, Pattern Painter, Pinner, Plate Painter, Porcelain Enamel Repairer, Porcelain Enameler, Porcelain Finish Sprayer, Pottery Decorator, Powder Coater, Powderer, Print Decorator, Production Metal Sprayer, Putty Glazer, Resin Coater, Rug Backing Stenciler, Rug Touch-Up Painter, Shader, Shellacker, Sign Artist, Sign Fabricator, Sign Letterer, Sign Writer, Silicator, Silk-Screen Operator, Silver Spray Worker, Silverer, Ski Edge Painter, Smoking Pipe Liner, Soaper, Spray Gun Operator, Spray Gun Striper, Spray Gunner, Spray Painter, Sprayer, Stager, Stainer, Starcher, Stenciler, Stiffener, Stove Refinisher, Striper, Stripper, Thermal Spray Operator, Tile Decorator, Tinter, Touch-Up Painter, Toy Painter, Tracer, Trademark Affixer, Under Seal Operator, Undercoater, Wallcovering Texturer, Watch Hands Dipper, Watch Hands Painter, Waxer, White Shoe Ragger, Window Tinter, Wiper, Wood Stainer.