Photographic Process Workers and Processing Machine Operators

Photographic Process Workers and Processing Machine Operators

Perform work involved in developing and processing photographic images from film or digital media. May perform precision tasks such as editing photographic negatives and prints.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Independence * Self Control * Dependability * Cooperation * Integrity * Adaptability/Flexibility * Analytical Thinking * Initiative * Concern for Others

Representative Tasks * Create prints according to customer specifications and laboratory protocols. * Select digital images for printing, specify number of images to be printed, and direct to printer, using computer software. * Review computer-processed digital images for quality.


Government, Manufacturing, Mining Quarrying & Oil & Gas Extraction, Administrative & Support Services,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Air Brush Artist, Airbrush Artist, Art Tracer, Automatic Developer, Automatic Mounter, Automatic Print Developer, Black and White Printer Operator, Camera Operator, Chemical Mixer, Color Laboratory Technician, Color Printer Operator, Computer-Controlled Color Photograph Printer Operator, Copy and Print Associate, Copy Camera Operator, Darkroom Technician, Developer, Developing Machine Operator, Digital Imager, Digital Imaging Technician, Digital Photo Printer, Digital Printer Operator, Digital Retoucher, Digital Technician, Doper, Drum Operator, Drum Worker, Enlarger, Film Cleaner, Film Color Tester, Film Cutter, Film Developer, Film Developing Machine Operator, Film Drying Machine Operator, Film Examiner, Film Inspector, Film Laboratory Technician, Film Mounter, Film Numberer, Film Processing Utility Worker, Film Processor, Film Reproducer, Film Splicer, Film Technician, Film Washer, Film Waxer, Full Stack Developer, Generator Technician, Hypo Splasher, Imaging Operator, Ink Technician, Joiner, Lab Technician, Laboratory Associate, Laboratory Technician, Lithography Contact Worker, Magnifier, Microfilm Processor, Microfilm Technician, Mini-Lab Operator, Motion Picture Film Examiner, Motion Picture Printer, Negative Cleaner, Negative Cutter, Negative Restorer, Negative Retoucher, Negative Spotter, Photo Colorer, Photo Finisher, Photo Lab Manager, Photo Lab Specialist, Photo Lab Technician (Photographic Laboratory Technician), Photo Machine Operator, Photo Mask Pattern Generator, Photo Mask Processor, Photo Print Specialist, Photo Printer, Photo Specialist, Photo Technician, Photograph Developer, Photograph Enlarger, Photograph Finisher, Photograph Inspector, Photograph Mounter, Photograph Printer, Photograph Retoucher (Photo Retoucher), Photograph Tinter, Photographer Helper, Photographic Aide, Photographic Colorist, Photographic Hand Developer, Photographic Plate Maker, Photographic Press Screwmaker, Photographic Printer, Photographic Process Worker, Photographic Processing Machine Operator, Photographic Reproduction Technician, Photographic Restorer, Photographic Spotter, Photographic Technician, Photography Colorist, Photography Spotter, Photostat Operator, Picture Enlarger, Print Developer, Print Finisher, Print Machine Operator, Printed Circuit Board Panels Developer, Printed Circuit Boards Contact Printer, Printer, Processor, Production Worker, Projection Printer, Proof Passer, Quality Control Head, Rectification Printer, Reproducer, Reproduction Machine Loader, Reproduction Specialist, Reproduction Technician, Retoucher, School Photographs Detailer, Screen Examiner, Screen Maker, Semiconductor Wafers Photographic Aligner, Semiconductor Wafers Photographic Processor, Slide Maker, Spotter, Step and Repeat Reduction Camera Operator, Take-Down Sorter, Template Reproduction Technician, Timer, X-Ray Developer.