Plasterers and Stucco Masons

Plasterers and Stucco Masons

Apply interior or exterior plaster, cement, stucco, or similar materials. May also set ornamental plaster.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Integrity * Self Control * Cooperation * Initiative * Stress Tolerance * Independence * Adaptability/Flexibility * Concern for Others

Representative Tasks * Clean job sites. * Mix mortar and plaster to desired consistency or direct workers who perform mixing. * Cover surfaces such as windows, doors, or sidewalks to protect from splashing.



Job Family Construction and Extraction

Sample Job Titles Applicator, Artisan, Artisan Plasterer, Decorative Plasterer, Dry Plasterer, Hard Surface Plasterer, Mason, Mason Plasterer, Modeler, Molding Plasterer, Plaster and Stucco Worker, Plaster Applicator, Plaster Foreman, Plaster Mechanic, Plaster Molder, Plasterer, Plasterer Apprentice, Plasterer Foreman, Plasterer Journeyman, Plastering Contractor, Poured Wall Foreman, Stucco Applicator, Stucco Plasterer, Stucco Worker, Synthetic Plasterer.