Political Scientists

Political Scientists

Study the origin, development, and operation of political systems. May study topics, such as public opinion, political decision-making, and ideology. May analyze the structure and operation of governments, as well as various political entities. May conduct public opinion surveys, analyze election results, or analyze public documents.

Key Competencies * Analytical Thinking * Independence * Achievement/Effort * Integrity * Persistence * Initiative * Attention to Detail * Innovation * Dependability * Self Control

Representative Tasks * Teach political science. * Disseminate research results through academic publications, written reports, or public presentations. * Develop and test theories, using information from interviews, newspapers, periodicals, case law, historical papers, polls, or statistical sources.


Government, Professional Scientific & Technical Services,

Job Family Life, Physical, and Social Science

Sample Job Titles Citizen Participation Specialist, Deputy Director, Government Affairs Researcher, Government Affairs Specialist, International Affairs Vice President, Legislative Analyst, Policy Advisor, Policy Analyst, Policy Officer, Political Advisor, Political Aide, Political Analyst, Political Consultant, Political Research Scientist, Political Researcher, Program Analyst, State-Federal Relations Deputy Director, Strategist.