Postal Service Clerks

Postal Service Clerks

Perform any combination of tasks in a post office, such as receive letters and parcels; sell postage and revenue stamps, postal cards, and stamped envelopes; fill out and sell money orders; place mail in pigeon holes of mail rack or in bags; and examine mail for correct postage.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Integrity * Attention to Detail * Cooperation * Self Control * Stress Tolerance * Independence * Adaptability/Flexibility * Achievement/Effort * Persistence

Representative Tasks * Weigh letters and parcels, compute mailing costs based on type, weight, and destination, and affix correct postage. * Check mail to ensure correct postage and that packages and letters are in proper condition for mailing. * Sell and collect payment for products such as stamps, prepaid mail envelopes, and money orders.



Job Family Office and Administrative Support

Sample Job Titles Bulk Clerk, Bulk Mail Clerk, Bulk Mail Technician, Business Mail Entry Clerk, Clerk, Counter Clerk, Delivery Clerk, Distribution Clerk, Dock Clerk, Mail Agent, Mail Caller, Mail Clerk, Mail Handler, Mail Order Clerk, Mailing Clerk, Mailroom Clerk, Money Order Clerk, Parcel Post Clerk, Part Time Flexible Clerk (PTF Clerk), Post Office Clerk, Postal Clerk, Postal Service Window Clerk, Postal Support Employee, Sales & Service Associate (SSA), Sales and Distribution Clerk, Sales and Service Associate (SSA), Special Delivery Clerk, Stamp Clerk, Unit Technician, Window Clerk, Window/Distribution Clerk.