Pourers and Casters, Metal

Pourers and Casters, Metal

Operate hand-controlled mechanisms to pour and regulate the flow of molten metal into molds to produce castings or ingots.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Integrity * Independence * Persistence * Self Control * Adaptability/Flexibility * Initiative * Achievement/Effort * Stress Tolerance

Representative Tasks * Pour and regulate the flow of molten metal into molds and forms to produce ingots or other castings, using ladles or hand-controlled mechanisms. * Examine molds to ensure they are clean, smooth, and properly coated. * Read temperature gauges and observe color changes, adjusting furnace flames, torches, or electrical heating units as necessary to melt metal to specifications.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Billet Header, Brass Pourer, Buggy Ladle Tender, Bull Ladle Tender, Busher, Caster, Casting Operator, Die Cast Operator (DCO), Direct Chill Caster (DC Caster), Header, Ingot Header, Iron Pourer, Ladle Car Operator, Ladle Filler, Ladle Operator, Ladle Pourer, Ladle Puller, Ladleman, Ladler, Lead Caster, Lead Pourer, Melter, Melter - Caster, Metal Handler, Mold Maker, Molten Iron Pourer, Pourer, Pourer Off, Steel Pourer, Third Steel Pourer, Tin Pourer, Vacuum Caster, White Metal Caster.