Power Plant Operators

Power Plant Operators

Control, operate, or maintain machinery to generate electric power. Includes auxiliary equipment operators.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Stress Tolerance * Self Control * Adaptability/Flexibility * Independence * Persistence * Initiative * Cooperation * Integrity

Representative Tasks * Monitor power plant equipment and indicators to detect evidence of operating problems. * Control or maintain auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, fans, compressors, condensers, feedwater heaters, filters, or chlorinators, to supply water, fuel, lubricants, air, or auxiliary power. * Adjust controls to generate specified electrical power or to regulate the flow of power between generating stations and substations.


Utilities, Government,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Asphalt Plant Operator, Assistant Plant Control Operator, Auxiliary Equipment Tender, Auxiliary Operator, Auxiliary Power Equipment Operator, Batch Plant Operator, Booster Operator, Booster Plant Operator, Booster Pump Operator, Carbon Capture Power Plant Engineer, Carbon Capture Power Plant Manager, Carbon Capture Power Plant Operator, Carbon Sequestration Plant Engineer, Carbon Sequestration Plant Manager, Carbon Sequestration Plant Operator, Coal Gasification Technician, Cogeneration Technician, Control Center Operator, Control Operator, Control Room Operator, Electric Operator, Generator Operator, High Pressure Firer, Hydro Plant Operator, Hydro Station Operator, Hydroelectric Operator, Hydroelectric Plant Operator, Hydroelectric Plant Power Generation Engineer, Hydroelectric Station Operator, Hydrogen Plant Operations Manager, Hydrogen Plant Operator, Hydrogen Power Plant Engineer, Hydrogen Power Plant Manager, Instrument/Control Technician, Instrumentation/Controls/Electrical Systems Technician (ICE Technician), Multicraft Operator (MCO), Operations and Maintenance Specialist (O&M Specialist), Operations and Maintenance Supervisor (O&M Supervisor), Operations and Maintenance Technician (O & M Technician), Operator, Outside Plant Technician, Pilot Plant Technician, Plant Control Operator, Plant Operator, Plant Technician, Power Generating Plant Operator, Power Generation Technician, Power Operator, Power Plant Operator, Power Plant Technician, Power Station Operator, Powerhouse Attendant, Powerhouse Operator, Powerhouse Tender, Process Operator, Production Generalist, Rectifier, Rectifier Operator, Relief Operator, Senior Power Plant Operator, Station Operator, Station Tender, Steam Turbine Operator, Turbine Operator, Turbine Room Attendant, Turbo Electric Operator, Turbo Operator, Unit Operator, Utility Plant Operative, Utility Plant Operator, Water Plant Operator.