Prepress Technicians and Workers

Prepress Technicians and Workers

Format and proof text and images submitted by designers and clients into finished pages that can be printed. Includes digital and photo typesetting. May produce printing plates.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Cooperation * Initiative * Stress Tolerance * Independence * Adaptability/Flexibility * Persistence * Achievement/Effort * Self Control

Representative Tasks * Generate prepress proofs in digital or other format to approximate the appearance of the final printed piece. * Proofread and perform quality control of text and images. * Enter, position, and alter text size, using computers, to make up and arrange pages so that printed materials can be produced.


Manufacturing, Information,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Ad Compositor, Ad Setter, Advertisement Compositor, Advertising Layout Worker, Bankman, Blueprint Blocker, Blueprint Cutter, Blueprint Developer, Blueprint Duplicator, Blueprint Machine Operator, Blueprint Maker, Blueprint Processor, Blueprint Reproducer, Blueprinter, Blueprinting Machine Operator, Clamper, Cold Type Artist, Color Separation Photographer, Color Stripper, Composer, Composing Machine Operator/Tender, Compositor, Compositor Apprentice, Computer Typesetter, Copper Etcher, Copper Plate Lithographer, Desktop Operator, Digital Proofing and Platemaker, Diploma Maker, Dot Etcher, Dot Etcher Apprentice, Dumpman, Electron-Beam Photo Mask Maker, Electron-Beam Photo Mask Technician, Electronic Masking System Operator, Electronic Operator, Electronic Prepress Operator (EPP Operator), Electronic Prepress Technician (EPP Tech), Electrotyper, Electrotyper Apprentice, Form Setter, Form Worker, Galley Stripper, Graphic Arts Technician, Graphic Technician, Halftone Operator, Hand Compositor, Hand Etcher, Head Setter, Imposer, Intertype Operator, Job Compositor, Job Forwarder, Job Lithographer, Keyboard Operator, Laser Beam Color Scanner Operator, Layout Former, Layup Worker, Letterpress Setter, Line Camera Operator, Linotype Operator, Linotype Worker, Linotyper, Linotypist, Lithograph Designer, Lithograph Operator, Lithographer, Lithographer Apprentice, Lithographers Printer, Lithographic Artist, Lithographic Camera Operator, Lithographic Etcher, Lithographic Photographer, Lithographic Photographer Apprentice, Lithographic Plate Maker, Lithographic Plate-Maker Apprentice, Lithographic Platemaker, Lithographic Press Operator, Lithographic Stripper, Lithographing Machine Operator, Lithopress Operator, Lithostripper, Lock Up Worker, Ludlow Machine Operator, Machine Compositor, Make Up Arranger, Make Up Worker, Make-Up Arranger, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Map Mounter, Monotype Caster, Monotype Keyboard Operator, Monotype Operator, Monotype Setter, Monotyper, Monotypist, Negative Assembler, Negative Stripper, Offset Plate Maker, Offset Platemaker, Opaquer, Pantograph Machine Operator, Pantograph Operator, Pantograph Setter, Pantograph Transferrer, Pantographer, Paste Up Artist, Paste Up Copy Camera Operator, Paste-Up Artist, Paste-Up Artist Apprentice, Paste-Up Worker, Photocomposing Machine Operator, Photoengraver, Photoengraver Apprentice, Photoengraving Apprentice, Photoengraving Etcher, Photoengraving Etcher Apprentice, Photoengraving Finisher, Photoengraving Machine Operator/Tender, Photoengraving Photographer, Photoengraving Printer, Photoengraving Proofer, Photoengraving Proofer Apprentice, Photoengraving Retoucher, Photographic Lithographer, Photographic Plate Maker, Photographic Platemaker, Photogravure Press Operator, Photolettering Machine Operator, Photolith Operator, Photolithographer, Photolithographic Stripper, Phototypesetter, Phototypesetter Operator, Phototypesetting Equipment Monitor, Plate Developer, Plate Finisher, Plate Grainer, Plate Keeper, Plate Maker, Plate Mounter, Plate Straightener, Platemaker, Pre-Press Production Technician, Pre-Press Proofer, Prepress Operator, Prepress Specialist, Prepress Stripper, Prepress Technician, Print Room Worker, Printing Film Stripper, Printing Plate Maker, Printing Technician, Process Artist, Process Stripper, Process Worker, Production Coordinator, Proofsheet Corrector, Repeat Chief, Repeat Photocomposing Machine Operator, Roller Print Tender, Roller Varnisher, Router, Runner, Runner Out, Scanner, Scanner Operator, Scanning Clerk, Semiconductor Packages Platemaker, Set Up Worker, Sheet Layer, Steel Die Printer, Stereotyper, Stereotyper Apprentice, Stonehand, Stoneman, Striping Machine Operator, Stripper, Stripper Apprentice, Teletypesetter, Teletypesetter Operator, Terminal Makeup Operator, Transfer Worker, Transferrer, Type-Proof Reproducer, Typecasting Machine Operator, Typesetter, Typesetter Apprentice, Typesetters Printer, Typesetting Machine Operator/Tender, Typo Machine Operator, Typographer, Zincographer.