Preventive Medicine Physicians

Preventive Medicine Physicians

Apply knowledge of general preventive medicine and public health issues to promote health care to groups or individuals, and aid in the prevention or reduction of risk of disease, injury, disability, or death. May practice population-based medicine or diagnose and treat patients in the context of clinical health promotion and disease prevention.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Analytical Thinking * Dependability * Concern for Others * Adaptability/Flexibility * Attention to Detail * Leadership * Cooperation * Persistence * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Supervise or coordinate the work of physicians, nurses, statisticians, or other professional staff members. * Direct or manage prevention programs in specialty areas such as aerospace, occupational, infectious disease, and environmental medicine. * Identify groups at risk for specific preventable diseases or injuries.


Other Services (Except Public Administration),

Job Family Healthcare Practitioners and Technical

Sample Job Titles Aerospace Medicine Physician, Environmental Health Physician, Medical Director, Occupational Health Physician, Occupational Medicine Officer, Occupational Medicine Physician, Occupational Physician, Preventive Medicine Officer, Preventive Medicine Physician, Preventive Medicine Specialist, Primary Clinician, Public Health Director, Public Health Officer, Public Health Physician, Regional Medical Director, Residency Director.