Print Binding and Finishing Workers

Print Binding and Finishing Workers

Bind books and other publications or finish printed products by hand or machine. May set up binding and finishing machines.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Integrity * Dependability * Independence * Self Control * Adaptability/Flexibility * Cooperation * Stress Tolerance * Achievement/Effort * Persistence

Representative Tasks * Read work orders to determine instructions and specifications for machine set-up. * Examine stitched, collated, bound, or unbound product samples for defects, such as imperfect bindings, ink spots, torn pages, loose pages, or loose or uncut threads. * Trim edges of books to size, using cutting machines, book trimming machines, or hand cutters.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Binder, Binder Operator, Bindery Assistant, Bindery Associate, Bindery Cutter Operator, Bindery Helper, Bindery Machine Setter/Set-Up Operator, Bindery Machine Tender, Bindery Operator, Bindery Production Manager, Bindery Supervisor, Bindery Technician, Bindery Worker, Book Binder, Book Coverer, Book Cutter, Book Mender, Book Repairer, Book Sewer, Book Sewing Machine Operator, Bookbinding Machine Operator, Bookmaker, Books Binder, Caser, Casing in Line Setter, Collating Machine Operator, Copy and Print Associate, Covering Machine Operator, Custom Bookbinder, Finisher, Foil Stamp Operator, Folder Operator, Folding Machine Operator, Folding Machine Setter, Gathering Machine Setter, Hand Bindery Assembly Worker, Head Bander and Liner Operator, Knife Operator, Machine Operator, Magazine Repairer, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Paperback Machine Operator, Perfect Binder Operator, Perfect Binder Setter, Print Binding and Finishing Worker, Print Binding Worker, Print Finishing Worker, Production Associate, Rounding and Backing Machine Operator, Saddle and Side Wire Stitcher, Saddle Stitch Operator, Saddle Stitching Machine Operator, Side Stitching Machine Operator, Small Machine Bindery Operator, Spiral Binder, Stitcher Operator, Stitching Machine Operator, Stitching Machine Setter, Tinning Machine Set-Up Operator.