Printing Press Operators

Printing Press Operators

Set up and operate digital, letterpress, lithographic, flexographic, gravure, or other printing machines. Includes short-run offset printing presses.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Persistence * Stress Tolerance * Integrity * Achievement/Effort * Analytical Thinking * Self Control * Independence * Adaptability/Flexibility

Representative Tasks * Collect and inspect random samples during print runs to identify any necessary adjustments. * Verify that paper and ink meet the specifications for a given job. * Examine job orders to determine quantities to be printed, stock specifications, colors, or special printing instructions.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles 1st Pressman, 1st Pressman On Web Press, 2nd Pressman, 3rd Pressman, Aniline Press Worker, Assistant Offset Press Operator, Assistant Pressman, Back Up Machine Operator, Backer, Bag Press Operator, Bag Printer, Balloon Design Printer, Batteryman, Ben-Day Artist, Binding Printer, Block Printer, Box Press Operator, Box Printer, Braille Transcriber, Bronzer, Calico Printer, Carton Stamper, Cellophane Press Operator, Cloth Printer, Cloth Printing Back Tender, Collating Machine Operator, Collator, Collator Operator, Computer Typesetter-Keyliner, Copper Plate Printer, Coverer, Cut and Print Machine Operator, Cut Pressman, Cut-Press Operator, Cutting and Printing Machine Operator, Cylinder Press Operator, Cylinder Press Operator Apprentice, Decorating Equipment Setter, Decorating Machine Operator, Design Printing Machine Set-Up Operator, Design Printing Machine Setter, Devil Dog, Die Mounter, Die Stamping Press Operator, Digital Color Press Operator, Digital Operator, Digital Press Operator, Digital Print Operator, Digital Printer Operator, Digital Production Operator, Duplex Trimmer, Electrotype Caster, Electrotype Finisher, Electrotype Molder, Electrotyper, Electrotyper Apprentice, Embosser, Embosser Apprentice, Embossing Machine Operator, Embossing Press Operator, Embossing Press Operator Apprentice, Embossograph Operator, Engraver Set-Up Operator, Engraving Press Operator, Engrosser, Feeder, Flexo Operator, Flexo Press Operator, Flexographic Press Operator, Flexographic Press Set-Up Operator, Flexographic Printing Press Operator, Floor Covering Printer, Folding Rules Printing Machine Operator, Form Designer, Forwarder, Galley Worker, Gilder, Glove Printer, Gold Blower, Gold Layer, Gold Leaf Printer, Gravure Press Operator, Gravure Press Set-Up Operator, Head Bander and Liner Operator, Identification Printing Machine Setter, Info Print Press Operator, Ink Printer, Instant Print Operator, Job Hand, Job Press Operator, Job Printer, Job Printer Apprentice, Journeyman Press Operator, Journeyman Pressman, Kelly Machine Operator, Label Printer, Large Sheetfed Press Operator, Laser Printing Operator, Lead Press Operator, Lead Pressman, Lead Pressman-Roto Gravure Printing, Letterer, Letterpress Setter, Letterset Press Set-Up Operator, Line-Up Examiner, Lithoduplicator Operator, Lithograph Press Feeder, Lithograph Press Operator, Lithograph Printer, Lithographic Press Operator, Lithographic Proofer Apprentice, Lithographing Machine Operator, Lithoplate Maker, Machine Carton Marker, Machine Engraver, Machine Printer, Machine Sign Writer, Machine Silk Screen Printer, Mandrel Press Hand, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Marbler, Marker, Marking Machine Operator, Master Printer, Metal or Wood Blocker, Microfiche Duplicator, Mounter, Music Copyist, Music Grapher, Name Plate Stamper, Nipping Machine Operator, Offset Duplicating Machine Operator, Offset Duplicating Machine Set Up Operator, Offset Lithographic Press Operator, Offset Lithographic Press Setter, Offset Lithographic Press Setter and Set-Up Operator, Offset Machine Operator, Offset Press Operator, Offset Pressman, Offset Printer, Offset Printing Operator, Offset Printing Pressmen, Offset-Press Operator, Offset-Press Operator Apprentice, Pantograph Setter, Paper Products Printer, Photo Offset Printer, Photoengraving Sketch Maker, Photographic Process Screen Maker, Pin Ticket Machine Operator, Plastic Printer, Plate Printer, Plate Sensitizer, Plate Setter, Platen Press Feeder, Platen Press Operator, Platen Press Operator Apprentice, Precision Printing Worker, Prepress Proofer, Press Assistant, Press Feeder, Press Helper, Press Leader, Press Operator, Press Operator Apprentice, Press Operator Assistant, Press Operator Helper, Press Operator Printing, Press Technician, Pressfitter, Pressman, Pressroom Foreman, Print Line Operator, Print Operator, Printer, Printer Apprentice, Printer Assistant, Printer Operator, Printer Slotter Operator, Printer's Devil, Printing Machine Operator, Printing Offset Duplicating Machine Operator, Printing Plate Setter, Printing Press Machine Operator, Printing Press Operator, Printing Press Operator Apprentice, Printing Pressman, Proof Press Operator, Proofer, Ratoprinter, Roller Operator, Roller Print Tender, Rolling Machine Operator, Rotary Lithographic Press Operator, Rotary Screen Printing Machine Operator, Roto Gravure Press Operator, Rotogravure Press Operator, Rotoprinter, Rounder, Rounder Hand, Rounding Machine Operator, Rubber Printing Machine Operator, Screen Making Technician, Screen Print Operator, Screen Printer, Screen Printing Equipment Setter, Screen Printing Machine Operator, Screen Printing Machine Operator Helper, Screen Printing Press Operator, Semiconductor Package Symbol Stamper, Sheetfed Press Operator, Silk Printer, Silk Screen Operator, Silk Screen Printer, Silk Screen Printer Helper, Silk Screen Processor, Silk Screener, Six Color Press Operator, Sketch Maker, Specialty Materials Printing Machine Setter/Set-Up Operator, Stamper, Stamping Press Operator, Steam Table Worker, Steel Die Press Set Up Operator, Steel Die Printer, Steel Plate Printer, Stencil Machine Operator, Stencil Printer, Stereotype Caster, Stereotype Finisher, Stereotype Molder, Stereotyper, Stippler, Strickler Attendant, Strike Off Machine Operator, Strip Machine Operator, Striping Machine Operator, Tab Card Press Operator, Tab Cutting Machine Operator, Tag Press Operator, Tape Rules Printing Machine Operator, Tension Worker, Textile Screen Maker, Textile Screen Printer, Ticket Printer, Ticketer, Tinning Machine Set Up Operator, Tinware Lithograph Press Operator, Tip Printer, Top Printing Press Operator, Transfer Machine Operator, Type Caster, Type Copyist, Typesetter, Vigoureux Printer, Wad Printing Machine Operator, Wallpaper Printer, Web Feeder, Web Offset Press Feeder, Web Press Operator, Web Press Operator Apprentice, Web Press Roll Tender, Web Pressman, Webfed Offset Press Operator.