Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists

Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists

Provide social services to assist in rehabilitation of law offenders in custody or on probation or parole. Make recommendations for actions involving formulation of rehabilitation plan and treatment of offender, including conditional release and education and employment stipulations.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Self Control * Stress Tolerance * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Adaptability/Flexibility * Independence * Cooperation * Concern for Others * Persistence

Representative Tasks * Prepare and maintain case folder for each assigned inmate or offender. * Discuss with offenders how such issues as drug and alcohol abuse and anger management problems might have played roles in their criminal behavior. * Interview probationers and parolees regularly to evaluate their progress in accomplishing goals and maintaining the terms specified in their probation contracts and rehabilitation plans.



Job Family Community and Social Service

Sample Job Titles Adult Parole Officer, Adult Probation Officer, Attendance Officer, Certified Juvenile Probation Officer, Chief Juvenile Probation Officer (CJPO), Classification Case Manager, Classification Officer, Correctional Case Manager, Correctional Casework Specialist, Correctional Counselor, Correctional Officer, Correctional Probation Officer, Correctional Probation Specialist, Court Worker, Crime Prevention Worker, Deputy Juvenile Officer, Deputy Probation Officer (DPO), Detention Attendant, Detention Officer, Detention Worker, Drill Instructor, Family Preservation Officer, Juvenile Correctional Officer, Juvenile Detention Officer, Juvenile Probation Officer, Offender Employment Specialist (OES), Offender Job Retention Specialist, Offender Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS), Officer, Parole Agent, Parole Officer, Parole Supervisor, Parole/Probation Specialist, Pre-Parole Counseling Aide, Prisoner Classification Interviewer, Probation and Parole Officer, Probation and Patrol Agent, Probation Counselor, Probation Officer, Probation Specialist, Probation Worker, Truant Officer, Youth Probation Officer.