Pump Operators, Except Wellhead Pumpers

Pump Operators, Except Wellhead Pumpers

Tend, control, or operate power-driven, stationary, or portable pumps and manifold systems to transfer gases, oil, other liquids, slurries, or powdered materials to and from various vessels and processes.

Key Competencies * Stress Tolerance * Dependability * Cooperation * Self Control * Adaptability/Flexibility * Attention to Detail * Concern for Others * Leadership * Integrity * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Monitor gauges and flowmeters and inspect equipment to ensure that tank levels, temperatures, chemical amounts, and pressures are at specified levels, reporting abnormalities as necessary. * Record operating data such as products and quantities pumped, stocks used, gauging results, and operating times. * Communicate with other workers, using signals, radios, or telephones, to start and stop flows of materials or substances.


Mining Quarrying & Oil & Gas Extraction, Transportation & Warehousing, Construction,

Job Family Transportation and Material Moving

Sample Job Titles Acid Loader, Acid Pump Operator, Airveyor Operator, Blend Plant Operator, Blend Technician, Boom Pump Operator, Booster Station Operator, Brewery Pumper, Brine Well Operator, Cable Maintainer, Caustic Pump Operator, Chemical Operator, Chemical Pumper, Concrete Boom Pump Operator, Concrete Operator, Concrete Pump Operator, Day Light Relief Operator, Engineer, Station, Mainline, Exhauster Engineer, Fermenting Cellars Receiver, Filter Filler, Fluid Pump Operator, Fuel Distribution System Operator, Gas Transfer Operator, Grease and Tallow Pumper, Hydrant Systems Operator, Liquor Bridge Operator, Logistics Technician, Main Line Station Engineer, Monitor Car Operator, Oil Pumper, Outside Operator, Panelboard Tank Pumper, Pigment Pumper, Pipeline Dispatch Operator, Pipeline Operator, Process Operator, Product Transfer Pumper, Production Recovery Operator, Production Utility Worker, Pump Installer, Pump Kill Operator, Pump Operator, Pump Runner, Pump Station Operator, Pump Technician, Pump Tender, Pumper, Pumper Gager, Pumper Gager Apprentice, Pumpman, Purification Operator, Receiver, Repair Technician, Service Technician, Station Engineer, Still Pump Operator, Tank Car Loader, Tank Farm Attendant, Tank Farm Operator, Tank Tender, Tapper, Treating Plant Pumper, Utility Operator, Wash Oil Pump Operator, Waste Oil Pumper.