Rehabilitation Counselors

Rehabilitation Counselors

Counsel individuals to maximize the independence and employability of persons coping with personal, social, and vocational difficulties that result from birth defects, illness, disease, accidents, or the stress of daily life. Coordinate activities for residents of care and treatment facilities. Assess client needs and design and implement rehabilitation programs that may include personal and vocational counseling, training, and job placement.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Dependability * Concern for Others * Self Control * Cooperation * Social Orientation * Stress Tolerance * Initiative * Persistence * Adaptability/Flexibility

Representative Tasks * Prepare and maintain records and case files, including documentation such as clients' personal and eligibility information, services provided, narratives of client contacts, or relevant correspondence. * Monitor and record clients' progress to ensure that goals and objectives are met. * Develop rehabilitation plans that fit clients' aptitudes, education levels, physical abilities, and career goals.


Health Care & Social Assistance, Government,

Job Family Community and Social Service

Sample Job Titles Career Navigator, Career Specialist, Case Manager, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Classification Counselor, Classifications Officer CC/CM, Coach (Career Transition and Performance), Coordinator of Rehabilitation Services, Correctional Classification Counselor, Correctional Counselor/Case Manager, Counselor, Developmental Training Counselor, Direct Care Counselor, Direct Care Specialist, Director of Rehabilitation, Director of Vocational Evaluations/Rehabilitation Counselor, Disability Counselor, Disability Program Navigator, Disability Service Coordinator, Employment Advisor, Employment Case Manager, Employment Evaluator/Case Manager, Employment Instructional Associate (EIA), Employment Navigator, Employment Specialist, Employment Specialist/Program Manager, Employment Trainer, Group Counselor, Group Home Counselor, Homemaking Rehabilitation Consultant, Human Services Care Specialist, Job Coach, Job Coach/Job Developer, Job Coaching, Job Developer, Job Developer for Deaf Adults, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), On-Site Services Specialist, Options Advisor, Placement Coordinator, Prevocational/Rehabilitation Counselor, Prison Classification Counselor, Program Coordinator, Program Specialist, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Counselor, Qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Rehab/Pre-Vocational Counselor, Rehabilitation Counselor, Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Rehabilitation Engineer, Rehabilitation Liaison (Rehab Liaison), Rehabilitation Services Counselor, Rehabilitation Services Specialist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Rehabilitation Technician, Residence Counselor, Resource Navigator, Senior Case Manager, Senior Staff-Specialized Employment, Supportive Employment Case Manager, Supportive Employment Program Specialist, Transition Specialist, Veterans Rehabilitation Counselor, Vocational Case Manager, Vocational Evaluator, Vocational Placement Specialist, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC), Vocational Rehabilitation Manager, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, Vocational Rehabilitation Technician, Vocational Services Specialist, Work Counselor.