Set up or repair rigging for construction projects, manufacturing plants, logging yards, ships and shipyards, or for the entertainment industry.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Concern for Others * Cooperation * Self Control * Integrity * Independence * Social Orientation * Innovation * Leadership

Representative Tasks * Signal or verbally direct workers engaged in hoisting and moving loads to ensure safety of workers and materials. * Attach loads to rigging to provide support or prepare them for moving, using hand and power tools. * Select gear such as cables, pulleys, and winches, according to load weights and sizes, facilities, and work schedules.


Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation & Warehousing,

Job Family Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Sample Job Titles Acrobatic Rigger, Boat Rigger, Crane Operator, Crane Rigger, Fly Rail Operator, Gantry Rigger, Gear Repairer, Grip, Hand Rigger, Heavy Lift Rigger, High Rigger, Hook Tender, Iron Worker, Laborer, Loft Rigger, Machinery Erector, Machinery Mover, Marine Rigger, Millwright, Outside Rigger, Parachute Rigger, Rig Builder, Rig Manager, Rigger, Rigger Apprentice, Rigger Helper, Rigging Foreman, Rigging Supervisor, Ship Rigger, Ship Rigger Apprentice, Slinger, Stage Rigger, Theatrical Rigger, Wire Rigger, Yacht Rigger, Yard Rigger.