Rolling Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic

Rolling Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic

Set up, operate, or tend machines to roll steel or plastic forming bends, beads, knurls, rolls, or plate or to flatten, temper, or reduce gauge of material.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Attention to Detail * Integrity * Self Control * Independence * Cooperation * Stress Tolerance * Adaptability/Flexibility * Innovation * Leadership

Representative Tasks * Monitor machine cycles and mill operation to detect jamming and to ensure that products conform to specifications. * Adjust and correct machine set-ups to reduce thicknesses, reshape products, and eliminate product defects. * Examine, inspect, and measure raw materials and finished products to verify conformance to specifications.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Bar Finish Operator, Bar Roller, Barrel Roller, Barrel Roller Operator, Bed Operator, Brass Roller, Breakdown Mill Operator, Breakdown Operator, Bulldogger, Calender Operator, Caster Operator, Coiler Operator, Cold Form Operator, Cold Headerman, Cold Mill Operator, Cold Reduction Roller, Cold Roll Catcher, Cold Roll Operator, Cold Roller, Cold Rolling Coordinator, Cold Strip Feeder, Cold Strip Roller, Cold-Mill Operator, Cold-Rolling Machine Setter, Delivery Table Operator, Drum Straightener, Embossing Tool Setter, Entry Table Operator, Finish Rolls Operator, Finisher, First Leveler, Flange Machine Operator, Flanger, Flat Breakdown Processor, Forming Roll Operator, Forming Specialist, Foundry Processor, Guide Setter, High Speed Operator, Hot Mill Operator, Hot Mill Tin Roller, Hot Roller, Hot Strip Finisher, Hotbed Lever Operator, Hotbed Operator, Leveler, Machine Operator, Mangle Roll Operator, Mangle Roller, Mangler, Manipulator, Manipulator Operator, Medart Operator, Metal Sheet Roller Operator, Mill Control Operator, Mill Operator, Milling/Polishing Operator, Parts Finisher, Piercing Machine Operator, Piercing Mill Operator, Pipe Straightener, Plastic Straightening Roll Operator, Primary Mill Roller, Primary Operator, Reducing Machine Operator, Reel Operator, Reeling Machine Operator, Reeling Machine Setup Operator, Rip/Mould Operator, Rod Finisher, Roll Forming Machine Operator, Roll Forming Machine Set Up Mechanic, Roll Forming Machine Set Up Operator, Roll Forming Machine Set-Up Mechanic, Roll Forming Operator, Roll Over Press Operator, Roll Setter, Roll Table Operator, Roll Threader Operator, Roll Tube Setter, Roller, Roller Leveler, Roller Leveler Operator, Roller Machine Operator, Rolling Attendant, Rolling Mill Operator, Rolls Mill Operator, Rougher, Rougher Operator, Roughing Mill Operator, Scarfer, Screwdown Operator, Scroll Machine Operator, Seam Hammerer, Seamless Tube Roller, Sheet Roller Operator, Skelp Processor, Skin Pass Operator, Small Brake Form Operator, Spanner Operator, Speed Operator, Spline Rolling Machine Job Setter, Stainless Steel Finisher, Steel Finisher, Steel Roller, Straightening Roll Operator, Strip Mill Operator, Strip Roller, Table Lever Operator, Table Operator, Table Runner, Tandem Mill Operator, Tank Hoop Bender, Temper Mill Operator, Threader Operator, Tube Mill Operator, Tube Roller, Tubing Machine Operator, Vacuum Form Operator, Weld Mill Operator.