Sawing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Wood

Sawing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Wood

Set up, operate, or tend wood sawing machines. May operate CNC equipment. Includes lead sawyers.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Stress Tolerance * Self Control * Persistence * Integrity * Independence * Cooperation * Initiative * Concern for Others

Representative Tasks * Inspect and measure workpieces to mark for cuts and to verify the accuracy of cuts, using rulers, squares, or caliper rules. * Set up, operate, or tend saws or machines that cut or trim wood to specified dimensions, such as circular saws, band saws, multiple-blade sawing machines, scroll saws, ripsaws, or crozer machines. * Adjust saw blades, using wrenches and rulers, or by turning handwheels or pressing pedals, levers, or panel buttons.


Wholesale Trade, Manufacturing, Professional Scientific & Technical Services,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Automatic Bandsaw Tender, Automatic Edger, Automatic Log Cut-Off Sawyer, Backup Sawyer, Band Saw Runner, Band Sawyer, Band Scroll Saw Operator, Bandmill Operator, Bandsaw Operator, Bead Cutter, Beading Sawyer, Bill Cutter, Billet Cutter, Block Bolter Mule Operator, Block Cutter, Block Saw Operator, Block Sawyer, Board Saw Runner, Bolt Machine Operator, Bolt Maker, Bolter, Bottom Saw Operator, Butting Saw Operator, Button Sawyer, Buzzsaw Operator, Casey Saw Operator, Chain Saw Driver, Chop Saw Operator, Chucking and Sawing Machine Operator, Circle Cutting Saw Operator, Circle Saw Operator, Circular Head Saw Operator, Clipper Machine Operator, Clipper Operator, Cob Sawyer, Coping Machine Operator, Cordwood Cutter, Cork Slabs Sawyer, Corner Brace Block Machine Operator, Corner Former, Corner Trimmer Operator, Cross Cut Saw Operator, Crosscutter, Croze Machine Operator, Crozer, Crozer Operator, Curve Saw Operator, Cut Off Saw Operator, Cut Off Sawyer, Cut Off Worker, Debarker Operator, Defect Cutter, Dimension Mill Worker, Door Cutter, Dowel Pointer, Drag Sawyer, Dragsaw Operator, Drum Saw Operator, Edge Runner, Edge Sawyer, Edger, Edger Feeder, Edger Operator, Edger Runner, Edger Saw Operator, Edgerman, Edging Catcher, Edging Machine Operator, Equalizer, Equalizer Operator, Gang Head Saw Operator, Gang Saw Operator, Gang Sawyer, Hardwood Sawyer, Head Automatic Sawyer, Head Packager, Head Sawyer, Heading Saw Operator, Heading Up Machine Operator, Headrig Sawyer, Hewer, Hoop Cutter, Jigsaw Operator, Jigsawyer, Kerfer Machine Operator, Knee Bolter, Knife Setter, Knot Cutter, Knot Saw Operator, Lather, Lathmaker, Log Chipper, Log Cut Off Sawyer, Log Cut-Off Sawyer, Log Sawyer, Lumber Grader, Lumber Planer, Lumber Trimmer, Machine Tank Operator, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Matcher Operator, Matching Machine Operator, Miller, Mine Wedge Sawyer, Miter Operator, Miter Saw Operator, Miter Sawyer, Mitering Machine Operator, Operator, Panel Saw Operator, Planer, Plug Saw Operator, Pocket Cutter, Pond Sawyer, Pony Edger, Pony Trimmer, Portable Sawmill Operator, Power Wood Sawyer, Prop Cutter, Prop Sawyer, Radial Arm Saw Operator, Radial Saw Operator, Ratchet Setter, Resaw Carriage Operator, Resaw Operator, Resawyer, Resizer Operator, Rip and Groove Machine Operator, Rip Saw Operator, Rip Sawyer, Ripper, Ripsaw Operator, Saw Operator, Saw Runner, Sawmill Hand, Sawmill Worker, Sawyer, Shake Cutter, Shake Maker, Shake Sawyer, Shake Splitter, Shaping Machine Tender, Shim Plug Cutter, Shingle Cutter, Shingle Sawyer, Shingle Trimmer, Side Sawyer, Slasher, Slasher Operator, Splitter, Stave and Bolt Equalizer, Stave Bolt Equalizer, Stave Cutter, Stave Hewer, Stave Log Cut-Off Saw Operator, Stave Log Ripsaw Operator, Stave Saw Operator, Stile Ripsaw Operator, Stock Cutter, Stock Grader, Stock Patch Sawyer, Swing Saw Operator, Tail Edger, Tail Sawyer, Tail Trimmer, Tenon Machine Operator, Tenoner Operator, Tie Sawyer, Timber Cutter, Timber Trimmer, Trim Sawyer, Trimmer, Trimmer Machine Operator, Trimmer Sawyer, Trimming Machine Operator, Turning Machine Operator, Unisaw Operator, Variety Saw Operator, Veneer Clipper, Veneer Cutter, Veneer Sawyer, Whip Sawyer, Wood Cutter, Wood Gang Sawyer, Wood Sawyer, Wood Type Cutter.