Search Marketing Strategists

Search Marketing Strategists

Employ search marketing tactics to increase visibility and engagement with content, products, or services in Internet-enabled devices or interfaces. Examine search query behaviors on general or specialty search engines or other Internet-based content. Analyze research, data, or technology to understand user intent and measure outcomes for ongoing optimization.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Analytical Thinking * Initiative * Persistence * Achievement/Effort * Innovation * Adaptability/Flexibility * Integrity * Cooperation

Representative Tasks * Collect and analyze Web metrics, such as visits, time on site, page views per visit, transaction volume and revenue, traffic mix, click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per acquisition, or cost per click. * Identify appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and report key metrics from digital campaigns. * Coordinate with developers to optimize Web site architecture, server configuration, or page construction for search engine consumption and optimal visibility.


Wholesale Trade, Manufacturing, Professional Scientific & Technical Services,

Job Family Computer and Mathematical

Sample Job Titles Channel Supervisor, Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Strategist, Director of Audience Generation, Search, & Analytics, Director of Online Marketing Strategy & Performance, Director of Search Engine Optimization (Director of SEO), Director, Search Marketing Strategies, E-commerce Specialist, E-commerce Strategist, Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Electronic Commerce Specialist, Experience Planning Strategist, Interactive Marketing Strategist, Interactive Media Marketing Director, Interactive Media Marketing Specialist, Interactive Media Marketing Strategist, Internet E-commerce Specialist, Internet eCommerce Specialist, Internet Marketing Consultant, Internet Marketing Specialist, Internet Marketing Strategist, Internet Media Planner, Marketing Communications Specialist, Marketing Specialist, New Media Strategist, Online Marketing Strategist, Online User Experience Strategist, Paid Search Marketing Strategist, Paid Search Specialist, Pay Per Click Specialist (PPC Specialist), Pay-Per-Click Strategist (PPC Strategist), Search Advertising Strategist, Search Consultant, Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEM Specialist), Search Engine Marketing Strategist (SEM Strategist), Search Engine Optimization Analyst (SEO Analyst), Search Engine Optimization Consultant (SEO Consultant), Search Engine Optimization Manager (SEO Manager), Search Engine Optimization Specialist (SEO Specialist), Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), Search Engineer Marketing Specialist, Search Marketing Analyst, Search Marketing Specialist, Search Specialist, Search Strategist, Senior Search Engine Optimization Associate (Senior SEO Associate), Senior Search Engine Optimization Specialist (Senior SEO Specialist), SEO Strategist (Search Engine Optimization Strategist), Social Media Strategist, Strategist, Usability Strategist, Web Analyst, Web Marketing Strategist, Web User Experience Strategist, Website Optimization Strategist.