Self-Enrichment Education Teachers

Self-Enrichment Education Teachers

Teach or instruct courses other than those that normally lead to an occupational objective or degree. Courses may include self-improvement, nonvocational, and nonacademic subjects. Teaching may or may not take place in a traditional educational institution.

Key Competencies * Adaptability/Flexibility * Dependability * Self Control * Attention to Detail * Concern for Others * Integrity * Cooperation * Social Orientation * Leadership * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Instruct students individually and in groups, using various teaching methods, such as lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. * Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs and interests. * Prepare students for further development by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks.


Educational Services, Other Services (Except Public Administration),

Job Family Education, Training, and Library

Sample Job Titles Acting Teacher, Adventure Education Teacher, Americanization Teacher, Art Educator, Art Instructor, Art Teacher, Arts and Crafts Teacher, Athletic Instructor, Athletics Teacher, Ballet Teacher, Baton Teacher, Bridge Instructor, Bridge Teacher, Ceramics Teacher, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Chef Instructor, Chef Teacher, Childbirth and Infant Care Teacher, Choral Teacher, Citizenship Teacher, Community Educator, Computer Science Teacher, Computer Technology Instructor, Cooking Instructor, Cooking Teacher, CPR Instructor (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instructor), Culinary Art Teacher, Dance Instructor, Dance Teacher, Dancing Instructor, Dancing Teacher, Defensive Driving Instructor, Diving Instructor, Drama Teacher, Dramatic Coach, Dramatic Teacher, Driver Education Instructor, Driver Trainer, Driver's Education Instructor, Driving Instructor, Driving Teacher, Educator, Firearms Instructor, First Aid Instructor, First Aid Teacher, Flight Instructor, Floral Design Teacher, Flute Teacher, Flying Instructor, Flying Teacher, Foreign Language Teacher, Gymnastics Instructor, Health Teacher, Hebrew Teacher, Horseback Riding Instructor, Instructor, Instrumental Music Teacher, Judo Instructor, Karate Instructor, Knitting Teacher, Language Instructor, Language Teacher, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Life Program Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, Modeling Instructor, Music Educator, Music Instructor, Music Teacher, Navigation Teacher, Organ Teacher, Parent Educator, Piano Instructor, Piano Teacher, Pilot Teacher, Prenatal Teacher, Public Speaking Teacher, Riding Instructor, Safety Teacher, Scuba Diving Instructor, Scuba Instructor, Sewing Teacher, Sign Language Teacher, Singing Teacher, Ski Instructor, Skiing Instructor, Snowboard Instructor, Speech Teacher, Speed Reading Teacher, Swimming Instructor, Teacher, Tennis Camp Instructor, Theater Education Teacher, Theater Teacher, Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Typing Teacher, Violin Teacher, Vocal Teacher, Voice Coach, Voice Instructor, Voice Teacher, Water Safety Teacher, Weaving Teacher.