Sewing Machine Operators

Sewing Machine Operators

Operate or tend sewing machines to join, reinforce, decorate, or perform related sewing operations in the manufacture of garment or nongarment products.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Integrity * Self Control * Cooperation * Independence * Stress Tolerance * Persistence * Achievement/Effort * Adaptability/Flexibility

Representative Tasks * Monitor machine operation to detect problems such as defective stitching, breaks in thread, or machine malfunctions. * Place spools of thread, cord, or other materials on spindles, insert bobbins, and thread ends through machine guides and components. * Guide garments or garment parts under machine needles and presser feet to sew parts together.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Appliquer, Apron Operator, Armhole Sewer, Automat Watcher, Automatic Hemmer, Automatic Seamer, Automatic Serging Machine Operator, Automatic Shirring Machine Operator, Automatic Trimming Sewer, Back Facer, Bag Maker, Bag Mender, Band Maker, Bander, Bar Tacker Sewing Machine, Baster, Basting Machine Operator, Bathing Suit Maker, Bead Worker Sewing, Belt Loop Machine Operator, Belt Maker, Belt Sewer, Binder, Binding Stitcher, Blind Stitch Machine Operator, Blindstitch Hemmer, Blindstitch Lapel Padder, Blindstitch Lining Feller, Blindstitch Machine Operator, Border Machine Operator, Borderer, Bouffant Curtain Machine Tender, Bow Maker, Braider, Braiding Machine Operator, Brim Stitcher, Buckle Sewer, Button Sewer, Button Sewing Machine Operator, Buttonhole and Button Sewing Machine Operator, Buttonhole Facer, Buttonhole Machine Operator, Buttonhole Maker, Buttonholer, Canvas Baster, Cap Maker, Cap Sewer, Carpet Sewing Machine Operator, Casing Sewer, Chainstitch Binder, Chainstitch Elastic Attacher, Chainstitch Felled Seam Operator, Chainstitch Hemmer, Chainstitch Pants Outseamer, Chainstitch Seat Joiner, Chainstitch Sewing Machine Operator, Chainstitch Tunnel Elastic Operator, Chainstitch Zipper Setter, Chenille Machine Operator, Cloth Mender, Coat Feller, Coat Finisher, Coat Joiner, Coat Operator, Collar Baster, Collar Feller, Collar Maker, Collar Runner, Collar Setter, Collar Sewer, Collar Stitcher, Complete Garment Lockstitch Sewing Machine Operator, Complete Garment Overlock Machine Operator, Cone Sewer, Corset Maker, Cover Seamer, Cover Stitch Machine Operator, Covering Machine Operator, Coverstitch Binder, Coverstitch Elastic Attacher, Coverstitch Machine Operator, Crotch Piece Baster, Cuff Maker, Cuff Runner, Cuff Setter, Cuff Stitcher, Cuffer, Cuffing Machine Operator, Curtain Stitcher, Cushion Sewer, Custom T-Shirt Embroidery Machine Operator, Doll Wig Maker, Double Head Machine Operator, Double Needle Operator, Double Needle Stitcher, Drapery Maker, Drapery Operator, Drapery Seamstress, Dress Finisher, Dress Fitter, Dress Operator, Dressmaker, Dressmaker Helper, Edge Cutting Machine Operator, Embroiderer, Embroidery Finisher, Embroidery Machine Operator, Embroidery Worker, Facer, Facing Baster, Fagoter, Fancy Needleworker, Fastener Sewing Machine Operator, Felled Seam Operator, Feller Hand, Feller Machine Operator, Feller Seam Operator, Felling Machine Operator, Finisher, Flag Maker, Flap Maker, Flat Bed Operator, Flat Lock Machine Operator, Flat Lock Operator, Flat Locker, Flatlock Sewing Machine Operator, Flosser, Flower Cheniller, Fly Maker, Folder Seamer, Front Edger, Front Facer, Front Maker, Fur Coat Sewer, Fur Finisher, Fur Machine Operator, Fur Operator, Fur Sewer, Garment Finisher, Garment Liner, Garment Mender, Garment Sewing Machine Operator, Gatherer, Glove Cuffer, Glove Machine Operator, Glove Maker, Glove Operator, Glove Stitcher, Gore Maker, Gore Seamer, Gusset Edger, Gusset Stitcher, Handbag Finisher, Handbag Stitcher, Handkerchief Maker, Handstitching Machine Armhole Feller, Handstitching Machine Collar Feller, Hat Binder, Hat Liner, Hat Trimmer, Hemmer, Hemstitcher, Hemstitching Machine Operator, Hook and Eye Machine Operator, Hose Mender, Hose Seamer, Hosiery Operator, Hosiery Repairer, Industrial Sewer, Interlocking Machine Operator, Jumpbasting Armhole Baster, Jumpbasting Canvas Baster, Jumpbasting Collar Baster, Jumpbasting Facing Baster, Jumpbasting Lining Baster, Jumpbasting Machine Operator, Knotter, Label Maker, Label Sewer, Lace Mender, Lace Sewer, Ladies Suit Operator, Ladies Underwear Operator, Lapel Padder, Lapel Stitcher, Lapeler, Levi Maker, Line Closer, Liner, Lining Baster, Lining Feller, Lining Maker, Lining Setter, Lockstitch Armhole Sew and Trim Operator, Lockstitch Back Maker, Lockstitch Binder, Lockstitch Coat Joiner, Lockstitch Collar Setter, Lockstitch Cup Setter, Lockstitch Front Edge Tape Sewer, Lockstitch Front Maker, Lockstitch Hemmer, Lockstitch Lining Maker, Lockstitch Lining Setter, Lockstitch Machine Operator, Lockstitch Pocket Setter, Lockstitch Shoulder Joiner, Lockstitch Sleeve Maker, Lockstitch Sleeve Setter, Lockstitch Topstitcher, Lockstitch Tunnel Elastic Operator, Lockstitch Waistband Setter, Lockstitch Waistline Joiner, Lockstitch Zipper Setter, Lockstitcher, Loop Sewer, Loop Tacker, Machine Baster, Machine Fancy Stitcher, Machine Feller, Machine Operator, Machine Stitcher, Match Up Person, Mender, Mitten Sewer, Monogram Machine Operator, Monogram Maker, Monogram Operator, Monogram Technician, Multi-Needle Chainstitch Machine Operator, Multi-Needle Machine Operator, Neck Band Maker, Neck Band Operator, Neck Band Setter, Necktie Centralizing Machine Operator, Necktie Maker, Needleworker, Non-Garment Sewing Machine Operator, Nylon Mender, Ornament Stitcher, Overedge Machine Operator, Overedge Sewer, Overedger, Overlock Collar Setter, Overlock Elastic Attacher, Overlock Hemmer, Overlock Operator, Overlock Sewing Machine Operator, Overlock Sleeve Setter, Overlock Waistline Joiner, Overlocker, Overseamer, Padder, Pantograph Watcher, Pants Maker, Paper Bags Sewing Machine Operator, Picked-Edge Sewing Machine Operator, Pillowcase Maker, Pinked Edge Sewing Machine Operator, Pinking Sewing Machine Operator, Piped Pocket Machine Operator, Piper, Plaiter, Plastic Sewer, Pleater, Pocket Closer, Pocket Maker, Pocket Operator, Pocket Setter, Pocket Stitcher, Pockets and Pieces Necktie Operator, Pointer, Power Sewing Machine Operator, Profile Stitching Machine Operator, Prototype Sewer, Purler, Quilt Maker, Quilter, Quilting Machine Operator, Reinforcement Maker, Reinforcer, Rejoiner, Roll Edge Machine Operator, Rooter Operator, Ruffling Machine Operator, Sack Maker, Sack Repairer, Sack Sewer, Saddle Tree Stitcher, Sample Maker, Seam Feller, Seam Finisher, Seam Sewer, Seamer, Seamstress, Seat Cover Maker, Seat Joiner, Semi-Automatic Sewing Machine Operator, Serger, Serging Machine Operator, Sew On Operator, Sewer, Sewing Machine Operator, Sewing Machine Operator Floorperson, Sewing Operator, Sewing Technician, Sewing Trimmer, Shirrer, Shirring Machine Operator, Shirt Bander, Shirt Closer, Shirt Hemmer, Shirt Maker, Shirt Operator, Shirt Sewer, Shoulder Joiner, Skirt Maker, Sleeve Fixer, Sleeve Maker, Sleeve Setter, Sleeve Sewer, Sleever, Slip Cover Operator, Slip Cover Seamstress, Slip Cover Sewer, Smocker, Sock Mender, Special Equipment Sewing Machine Operator, Splicing Machine Operator, Stitch Bonding Machine Operator, Stitch Bonding Machine Tender, Stitching Machine Operator, Strap Maker, Strap Sewer, Stripe Matcher, Suspender Maker, Sweat Band Sewer, Tacker, Tacking Machine Operator, Tape Edge Machine Operator, Tape Sewer, Taping Machine Operator, Tents Assembler, Textile Bag Sewer, Tie Maker, Toe Closing Machine Tender, Top Collar Baster, Top Collar Maker, Top Stitcher, Towel Hemmer, Truss Maker, Tucker, Tucking Machine Operator, Two Needle Machine Operator, Ultrasonic Seaming Machine Operator, Under Baster, Undercollar Maker, Underliner, Underwear Finisher, Underwear Hemmer, Underwear Trimmer, Underwear Welter, Uniform Maker, Utility Operator, Vest Backer, Vest Baster, Vest Finisher, Waist Fitter, Waistband Setter, Waistline Joiner, Welt Maker, Welt Sewer, Welt Stitcher, Welter, Window Shade Ring Sewer, Yoke Setter, Yoker, Yoker Machine Operator, Zigzag Appliquer, Zigzag Elastic Attacher, Zigzag Machine Operator, Zigzag Stitcher, Zigzag Topstitcher, Zigzag Tunnel Elastic Operator, Zigzagger, Zipper Machine Operator, Zipper Sewing Machine Operator.