Shoe Machine Operators and Tenders

Shoe Machine Operators and Tenders

Operate or tend a variety of machines to join, decorate, reinforce, or finish shoes and shoe parts.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Self Control * Adaptability/Flexibility * Attention to Detail * Integrity * Cooperation * Persistence * Stress Tolerance * Initiative * Independence

Representative Tasks * Remove and examine shoes, shoe parts, and designs to verify conformance to specifications such as proper embedding of stitches in channels. * Study work orders or shoe part tags to obtain information about workloads, specifications, and the types of materials to be used. * Align parts to be stitched, following seams, edges, or markings, before positioning them under needles.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Anchor Operator, Anchorer, Ankle Patch Molder, Antiquer, Apron Trimmer, Arch Cushion Press Operator, Archer, Assembler, Back Closer, Back Stayer, Back Strip Machine Operator, Back Wedger, Barrer, Bed Laster, Bed Machine Operator, Binding Dyer, Binding Stitcher, Block Hand, Block Out Machine Operator, Bobbin Winder, Boot and Shoe Repairman, Boot Maker, Boot Trimmer, Bottom Cementer, Bottom Filler, Bottom Finisher, Bottom Painter, Bottom Polisher, Bottom Sprayer, Bow Machine Operator, Box Toe Maker, Breaster, Brusher, Brushing Machine Operator, Buckle Attacher, Buckle Sewer, Buckler and Lacer, Buffer, Burnisher, Burnishing Machine Operator, Button Sewer, Caser Up, Cementer, Channel Cementer, Channel Layer, Channel Lip Wetter, Channel Opener, Channel Turner, Channeler, Channeling Machine Operator, Closer, Closer On, Clother In, Concaver, Cookie Padder, Cordwainer, Counter Cutter, Counter Former, Counter Maker, Counter Molder, Counter Roller, Counter Stacker, Counter Stitcher, Cripple Chaser, Cripple Cutter, Cripple Worker, Crowner, Cushion Sewer, Cut Out Machine Operator, Cut Out Operator, Cut Out Stitcher, Cut To Length Operator, Cutter, Deskidding Machine Operator, Die Cutter, Die Out Worker, Die Press Operator, Die Trimmer, Dieing Out Machine Operator, Doper, Double Head Machine Operator, Double Needle Operator, Double Needle Stitcher, Dyer, Ear Pull Machine Operator, Edge Blacker, Edge Brusher, Edge Burnisher, Edge Cutter, Edge Drummer, Edge Finisher, Edge Molder, Edge Setter, Edge Stainer, Edge Trimmer, Embosser, Equipment Operator, Eyedotter, Eyelet Machine Operator, Eyelet Maker, Eyelet Operator, Eyeletter, Faker, Fancy Needleworker, Fancy Stitcher, Fastener, Feather Edger, Featherer, Finisher, Finishing Area Operator, Finishing Trimmer, Fitter, Flamer, Flat Lock Machine Operator, Flat Lock Operator, Flesher, Floorperson, Folder, Folder Machine Operator, Form Maker, Foxer, Foxing Closer, French Binder, French Cord Binder, French Folder, French Folding Machine Operator, Fudger, Fur Finisher, Fur Machine Operator, Fur Operator, Fur Sewer, Gang Punch Operator, Goodyear Stitcher, Goodyear Welter, Gore Cutter, Gore Stitcher, Gouger, Groover, Groover Operator, Groover Runner, Grooving Machine Operator, Half Backer, Half Sole Fitter, Heel Attacher, Heel Blacker, Heel Breaster, Heel Builder, Heel Burnisher, Heel Caser, Heel Cementer, Heel Compressor, Heel Coverer, Heel Coverer Machine Operator, Heel Curver, Heel Cutter, Heel Dipper, Heel Gouger, Heel Gummer, Heel Layer, Heel Nailing Machine Operator, Heel Padder, Heel Painter, Heel Pricker, Heel Sander, Heel Scourer, Heel Seat Fitter, Heel Seat Laster, Heel Seater, Heel Sewer, Heel Shaper, Heel Shaver, Heel Slugger, Heel Sprayer, Heel Stainer, Heel Stiffener, Heel Trimmer, Heel Turner, Heel Varnisher, Heeler, Hooker, Inker, Innersole Fitter, Innersole Maker, Inseam Trimmer, Inseamer, Insole Beveler, Insole Cementer, Insole Department Worker, Insole Doubler, Insole Lip Turner, Insole Presser, Insole Reinforcer, Insole Rounder, Insole Stiffener, Insole Tacker, Job Setter, Joint Cutter, Jollier, Knifer Up, Kohinoor Operator, Label Sewer, Lacing Operator, Lacing String Cutter, Lapper, Last Chalker, Last Picker, Last Puller, Last Trimmer, Laster, Lasting Machine Operator, Lasting Room Machine Operator, Leather Softener, Leveler, Lining Caser, Lining Cleaner, Lining Closer, Lining Layer, Lining Stitcher, Lip Cutter, Machine Fancy Stitcher, Machine Feed Operator, Machine Lacer, Machine Operator, Machine Sewer, Machine Splitter, Machine Stitcher, Machine Tender, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Marking Machine Operator, Match Marker, Matcher, Mater, Mc Kay Machine Operator, Mc Kay Stitcher, Mold Insert Changer, Mold Laminator, Multi Needle Machine Operator, Nailer, Nailer Operator, Nailhead Operator, Nailing Machine Operator, Naumkeag Operator, Needleworker, Nicker, Novelty Maker, Offal Roller, Offal Trimmer, Ornament Stitcher, Orthopedic Shoe Maker, Outside Cutter, Outsole Caser, Outsole Cementer, Outsole Compressor, Outsole Handler, Outsole Rounder, Outsole Splicer, Overcaster, Overedge Machine Operator, Overedger, Overlock Operator, Overlocker, Overseamer, Painter, Painter Apprentice, Perforating Machine Operator, Pinking Machine Operator, Piper, Plug Paster, Pounder, Power Hammer Operator, Prick Stitcher, Pricker, Production Worker, Pull Over, Pull Over Machine Operator, Puller, Puller Over, Pump Stitcher, Quarter Backer, Quarter Seamer, Rand Cementer, Rand Maker, Rand Tacker, Rasper Machine Operator, Relaster, Ribbon Hand, Roll Operator, Roller Stitcher, Rough Rounder, Rougher Machine Operator, Rounder, Rubber Down, Sample Stitcher, Scalloper, Scarfer, Seam Closer, Seam Rubber, Seam Sewer, Seam Stayer, Seamer, Seamer Operator, Seat Nailer, Sewing, Sewing Machine Operator, Shank Archer, Shank Breaker, Shank Burnisher, Shank Cutter, Shank Faker, Shank Maker, Shank Rander, Shank Scourer, Shank Stapler, Shank Taper, Shanker, Shanker Out, Shoe Associate, Shoe Caser, Shoe Cementer, Shoe Cleaner, Shoe Coverer, Shoe Dresser, Shoe Fitter, Shoe Folder, Shoe Lacer, Shoe Laster, Shoe Lining Fitter, Shoe Maker, Shoe Puller, Shoe Reconditioner, Shoe Repairman, Shoe Sewing Machine Operator and Tender, Shoe Shanker, Shoe Sprayer, Shoe Stainer, Shoe Stamper, Shoe Stitcher, Shoe Treer, Shoe Trimmer, Shoe Turner, Shoe Worker, Side Laster, Single Needle Operator, Size Marker, Size Painter, Skin Washer, Skiver, Skiving Machine Operator, Slipper Maker, Slugger, Sock Liner, Sole Blacker, Sole Buffer, Sole Cementer, Sole Conditioner, Sole Conforming Machine Operator, Sole Cutter, Sole Filler, Sole Inker, Sole Layer, Sole Leveler, Sole Molder, Sole Painter, Sole Polisher, Sole Ruffer, Sole Scraper, Sole Seamer, Sole Skiver, Sole Splitter, Sole Stainer, Sole Tacker, Sole Tier, Sole Trimmer, Soler, Special Machine Stitcher, Stamper, Stamping Machine Operator, Standard Machine Stitcher, Stay Cutter, Stayer, Stitch Bonding Machine Tender, Stitch Burnisher, Stitch Cleaner, Stitch Marker, Stitch Rubber, Stitch Separator, Stitch Wheeler, Stitcher, Stitcher Around, Stitching Machine Operator, Stock Fitter, Stock Letterer, Stock Wetter, Stocker, Stocklayer, Stockman, Stoner, Strap Buckler, Strap Maker, Strap Sewer, String Laster, Suede Brusher, Sueding Machine Operator, Tack Puller, Tacker, Tape Controlled Machine Stitcher, Tender, Thread Laster, Tip Finisher, Tip Fixer, Tip Mender, Tip Puncher, Tip Scourer, Toe Former, Toe Laster, Toe Trimmer, Tongue Binder, Tongue Stitcher, Top Closer, Top Lift Compresser, Top Lift Scourer, Top Lifter, Top Spotter, Top Stitcher, Tracer, Treer, Trimmer Machine Operator, Trimming Caser, Trimming Machine Operator, Truer, Turn Laster, Turn Sewer, Turner In, Under Trimmer, Uniformer, Upper Caser, Upper Doubler, Upper Stitcher, Upper Tier, Vamp Creaser, Vamp Cut Out Worker, Vamp Liner, Vamp Maker, Vamp Marker, Vamp Seamer, Vamp Throater, Vamper, Vulcanizer, Vulcanizing Machine Operator, Vulcanizing Press Operator, Wedger, Welt Beater, Welt Maker, Welt Rander, Welt Sewer, Welt Slasher, Welt Stitch Cleaner, Welt Stitcher, Welt Wheeler, Wheeler, Wicker, Width Stripper, Wood Heel Back Liner, Wool Brusher, Zigzag Stitcher, Zigzagger.