Textile, Apparel, and Furnishings Workers, All Other

Textile, Apparel, and Furnishings Workers, All Other

All textile, apparel, and furnishings workers not listed separately.

Key Competencies

Representative Tasks


Manufacturing, Administrative & Support Services,

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Airplane Cover Maker, Airplane Coverer, Apparel Embroidery Digitizer, Attenuator, Awning Maker, Batcher, Batt Machine Operator, Battery Filler, Battery Hand, Battery Loader, Bead Machine Operator, Blower, Blower Operator, Board Finisher, Boarder, Boarding Machine Operator, Boarding Room Fixer, Boat Canvas Installer, Boat Canvas Maker and Installer, Bobbin Cleaner, Bobbin Drier, Bobbin Dumper, Bobbin Fixer, Bobbin Marker, Bobbin Painter, Bobbin Presser, Bobbin Stripper, Bobbin Washer, Boil Off Worker, Bolt Labeler, Bonding Machine Setter, Bow Maker Machine Tender, Bow Making Machine Operator, Bowker, Braid Maker, Breaker, Breaker Hand, Breaker Up Machine Operator, Brim Curler, Brim Molder, Brim Pouncer, Brim Pouncer Machine Operator, Brim Stretching Machine Operator, Brown Sourer, Brusher Operator, Brusher Warp, Buffer, Buffing Wheel Former Machine, Buffing Wheel Raker, Burler, Burr Picker, Burrer, Button Breaker Operator, Button Puncher, Button Pusher, Button Station Worker, Button Tufter, Cake Wringer, Calender Machine Operator, Calender Operator, Calender Runner, Calender Tender, Can Dryer, Can Operator, Can Runner, Can Slider, Can Tender, Canvas Worker, Canvas Worker Apprentice, Carbonizer, Card Brusher, Card Cleaner, Card Clothier, Card Feeder, Card Fixer, Card Grinder, Card Hand, Card Lacer, Card Runner, Card Scraper, Card Setter, Card Stripper, Card Tender, Carding Machine Operator, Cardroom Drawing Runner, Cardroom Hand, Cardroom Worker, Carpet Binder, Carpet Repairer, Carroter, Carroting Machine Operator, Chain Builder, Chain Splitter, Chainer, Change Over, Chemic Mangler, Chinchilla Machine Operator, Chrome Tanner, Clammer, Cloth Baler, Cloth Edge Singer, Cloth Hand, Cloth Mercerizer Operator, Cloth Piecer, Cloth Reeler, Cloth Sander, Cloth Sponger, Cloth Spreader, Clothier, Collar Turner, Colloid Mill Operator, Comb Tender, Comber Operator, Comber Tender, Conditioner Tender, Cone Cleaner, Cone Marker, Cop Breaker, Copyist, Corduroy Brusher Operator, Corset Fitter, Corsetier, Cotton Ball Machine Tender, Cotton Machine Operator, Cotton Opener, Crabber, Crabbing Machine Operator, Creasing Machine Operator, Crepe Box Tender, Crusher and Binder Operator, Cuff Matcher, Curer, Cylinder Batcher, Dandy Operator, Dandy Tender, Decatizer, Decator, Decator Operator, Designer, Desizing Machine Operator, Detacher, Devil Tender, Dewer, Die Turner, Dielectric Embossing Machine Operator, Dielectric Machine Operator, Doubler, Doubler Operator, Doubling Machine Operator, Douper, Draper, Draw End Hand, Draw String Knotter, Drawstring Knotter, Dress Draper, Drier Operator, Drop Wire Aliner, Drop Wire Operator, Drop Wirer, Drosophere Operator, Drum Attendant, Drum Printer, Drum Tender, Drummer, Dry Box Tender, Dry Can Tender, Dry Drug Worker, Dry Finisher, Dry Roller, Drying Can Worker, Drying Frame Operator, Drying Room Operator, Dumper Operator, Dunger, Duster, Edge Stainer, Electrifier Operator, Emblem Drawer In, Embosser, English Drawer, Enterer, Extracting Machine Operator, Eyelet Machine Operator, Eyelet Maker, Eyelet Operator, Eyelet Punch Operator, Eyeletter, Face Burler, Feather Washer, Felt Carbonizer, Felt Hooker, Felt Strip Finisher, Felting Machine Operator, Feltmaker, Fiber Drier Operator, Filling Layer Up, Fish Net Maker, Fixer, Flesher, Flyer, Flyer Builder, Flyer Maker, Folder, Folder Machine Operator, Folder Operator, Folding Machine Operator, Foundation Maker, Frame Maker, French Comber, French Weaver, Fuller, Fulling Machine Operator, Fulling Mill Operator, Fur Blower Operator, Fur Cleaner, Fur Comber, Fur Cutter, Fur Dresser, Fur Drummer, Fur Feeder, Fur Finisher, Fur Glazer, Fur Glosser, Fur Machine Operator, Fur Matcher, Fur Nailer, Fur Plucker, Fur Pointer, Fur Polisher, Fur Puller, Fur Tanner, Furrier, Furrier Apprentice, Fusing Machine Operator, Fusion Operator, Garnett Machine Operator, Garnett Room Worker, Garnetter, Gas Singer, Gasser, Gasser Machine Operator, Gig Tender, Gigger, Gill Box Tender, Gill Tender, Gin Feeder, Glove Brusher, Gold Tooler, Greaser Operator, Grey Percher, Grey Tender, Grey Washer, Gripper Installer, Gripper Machine Operator, Grommet Machine Operator, Guide Changer, Gum Worker, Hair Boiler, Hair Boiler Operator, Hair Dryer, Hair Machine Operator, Hand Lacer, Hand Picker, Hand Sizer, Hander In, Harness Cutter, Harness Mender, Hat Blocking Machine Operator, Hat Copyist, Hat Finisher, Hat Former, Hat Maker, Hat Sizer, Hat Trimmer, Hatter, Heddler, Helmet Coverer, Hide Tanner, Hooker, Hooker Machine Tender, Hosiery Mater, Hosiery Pairer, Hot Frame Tender, Hydraulic Blocker, Impregnator, Inker, Jack Machine Operator, Jacker, Jacquard Card Cutter, Jacquard Plate Maker, Jacquard Twine Polisher Operator, Kapok Machine Operator, Kettle Hand, Kettler, Kicking Machine Operator, Knife Finisher, Knife Machine Operator, Knit Goods Washer, Lace Finisher, Laceworker, Laminating Machine Operator, Laminator, Lamp Shade Maker, Lap Layer, Lap Maker, Lap Runner, Lapper, Layout Worker, Lease Picker, Leasing Machine Tender, Lime Boiler, Lusterer, Lye Boiler, Mangle Tender, Marking Machine Operator, Matcher, Mater, Material Spreader, Measuring Machine Operator, Mellowing Machine Operator, Mender, Mercerizer, Mercerizer Machine Operator, Middle Card Tender, Mill Turner, Milliner, Millinery Copyist, Millinery Worker, Mixing Picker Tender, Napper, Napper Fixer, Napper Runner, Napper Tender, Napping Machine Operator, Needle Control Cheniller, Needle Felt Making Machine Operator, Needle Loom Operator, Needle Loom Setter, Needle Loom Tender, Needle Punch Operator, Net Maker, Neutralizer, Nub Card Tender, Open Developer Operator, Open Soaper Tender, Opener Tender, Oriental Rug Repairer, Pad Extraction Tender, Pad Extractor Tender, Pad Machine Operator, Pad Maker, Pad Making Machine Operator, Padder, Padding Machine Operator, Pairer, Panelboard Operator, Patch Washer, Pattern Chain Builder, Pattern Changer, Pattern Stamper, Percher, Perforating Machine Operator, Pick Out Hand, Pick Pulling Machine Tender, Picker, Picker Operator, Picker Tender, Pickling Machine Operator, Piecer, Piler, Pin Drafter, Pin Drafter Operator, Pin Drafting Machine Operator, Pin Drafting Machine Tender, Pin Machine Operator, Piper, Plush Brusher, Plush Dresser, Plush Finisher, Pointer, Pouncer, Pouncing Lathe Operator, Preboarder, Preparing Box Tender, Process Operator, Processor, Puller, Punch Box Tender, Quill Layer, Rail Filler, Rail Setter, Railway Head Tender, Range Feeder, Raveler, Reacher, Reed Fixer, Reed Maker, Reel Stripper, Reeling Machine Operator, Reweaver, Ribbon Blockmaker, Ribbon Lapper Tender, Rider Ticket Worker, Rippler, Roll Coverer, Roll Press Operator, Roll Turner, Roller Coverer, Roller Machine Operator, Roller Operator, Roller Painter, Roller Setter, Roller Turner, Roller Varnisher, Rolling Down Machine Operator, Room Worker, Rope Maker, Rope Silica Machine Operator, Rover, Rover Tender, Roving Can Tender, Roving Marker, Rug Cleaner, Rug Repairer, Runner On, Sail Lay Out Worker, Sail Maker, Sampler, Sanforizer, Sanforizing Machine Operator, Scouring Machine Tender, Screen Printing Cloth Spreader, Scutcher, Scutcher Tender, Second Baller, Second Hand, Second Time Worker, Setter Out, Shade Maker, Shaker, Shell Worker, Shoddy Mill Worker, Shuttle Filler, Silk Hanger, Silk Snapper, Silk Soaker, Silk Spreader, Silk Worker, Singe Machine Operator, Size Roller Operator, Size Worker, Sizer, Skein Bander, Skein Drier, Skein Straightener, Skein Tier, Skein Yard Drier, Skin Drier, Slash Trimmer, Slasher, Slasher Hand, Slasher Machine Operator, Slasher Operator, Slasher Runner, Slasher Tender, Sliver Lap Tender, Sliver Lapper, Snagger, Soaker, Soaking Tank Worker, Soap Boiler, Soap Mixer, Soap Tender, Soaper, Sock Boarder, Sock Turner, Soft Boarder, Softener, Sourer, Spanner, Spare Hand, Speck Dyer, Specker, Spindle Setter, Splicing Machine Operator, Sponger, Spool Cleaner, Spool Fixer, Spot Cleaner, Spray Machine Operator, Sprinkler Tender, Starcher, Starter, Stayer, Steam Drier Tender, Steam Finisher, Steam Gigger, Steamer, Steamer Tender, Steel Turner, Steeler, Stoner, Stoner Out, Strike Out Machine Operator, Striker Out, Stripper, Sumac Tanner, Swatch Folder, Swatch Maker, Swatcher, Sweat Band Separator, Tabber, Tailing Hand, Tangled Yarn Worker, Tarring Machine Operator, Tassel Maker, Tassel Making Machine Operator, Tawer, Teasel Gig Operator, Teasel Setter, Teaseler, Temperer, Tenter, Tenter Feeder, Tenter Frame Operator, Tenterer, Tentering Machine Feeder, Tentmaker, Textile Coating Machine Operator, Textile Machine Operator, Textile Pin Worker, Textile Screen Maker, Textile Worker, Third Hand, Throwster, Tieing Machine Operator, Tier Over, Tiger Machine Operator, Tin Whiz Machine Operator, Tinner, Tip Stretcher, Towel Folder, Towel Stretcher, Traveler Changer, Trawl Net Maker, Trimmer, Tube Coverer, Tuft Machine Operator, Tufter, Tufting Machine Operator, Turner Off, Umbrella Finisher, Vacuum Drier Operator, Vacuum Drier Tender, Vacuum Tank Tender, Washer, Waste Machine Tender, Waste Picker, Waste Reclaimer, Watcher, Weaver, Weigh Box Tender, Weighter, Welt Drawer, Wet Silk Hanger, Wet Wheeler, Wheel Blocker, White Sourer, Whiting Can Worker, Whizzer Hand, Whizzer Operator, Wire Dropper, Wool Carder, Wool Cleaner, Wool Hanker, Wool Mixer, Wool Scourer, Wringer, Yarder, Yarn Conditioner, Yarn Finisher, Yarn Mercerizer Operator, Yarn Polishing Machine Operator, Yarn Sizer, Yarn Sorter, Yarn Washer.