Textile Bleaching and Dyeing Machine Operators and Tenders

Textile Bleaching and Dyeing Machine Operators and Tenders

Operate or tend machines to bleach, shrink, wash, dye, or finish textiles or synthetic or glass fibers.

Key Competencies * Dependability * Self Control * Cooperation * Concern for Others * Attention to Detail * Initiative * Adaptability/Flexibility * Independence * Integrity * Achievement/Effort

Representative Tasks * Add dyes, water, detergents, or chemicals to tanks to dilute or strengthen solutions, according to established formulas and solution test results. * Adjust equipment controls to maintain specified heat, tension, and speed. * Monitor factors such as temperatures and dye flow rates to ensure that they are within specified ranges.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Ager, Ager Operator, Ager Tender, Aging Box Hand, Ammonia Box Operator, Ammonia Box Tender, Ash Kier Boiler, Autoclave Operator, Automation Clerk, Automation Operator, Automation Tender, Back Washer, Bag Bleacher, Bark Tanner, Beam Dyer, Beam Dyer Operator, Beck Operator, Blancher, Blanching Machine Operator, Bleach Machine Operator, Bleach Range Operator, Bleacher, Chain Dyer, Chemical Coordinator, Chief Tire Fabric Impregnating Range Operator, Cloth Boil Off Machine Operator, Cloth Colorer, Cloth Dye-Range Operator, Cloth Dyer, Cloth Finisher, Cloth Finishing Range Operator, Cloth Finishing Range Tender, Cloth Painter, Cloth Shader, Cloth Shrinker, Cloth Shrinking Machine Operator, Cloth Washer, Cloth Washer Operator, Color Blender, Color Grinder, Color Maker, Dyer, Color Matcher, Color Room Attendant, Colorer, Coloring Machine Operator, Colorist Dyer, Compensator Worker, Drug Room Clerk, Drug Room Operator, Drug Worker, Dryer Operator, Dye and Chemical Coordinator, Dye Automation Operator, Dye Box Operator, Dye Can Operator, Dye Colorist Dyer, Dye Feeder, Dye House Hand, Dye House Helper, Dye House Supervisor, Dye House Vat Worker, Dye House Wheel Operator, Dye House Worker, Dye Jig Operator, Dye Line Operator, Dye Machine Operator, Dye Operator, Dye Padder Operator, Dye Range Operator, Dye Range Tender, Dye Reel Operator, Dye Tank Tender, Dye Tub Operator, Dye Tub Tender, Dye Worker, Dye-Reel Operator, Dye-Tank Tender, Dye-Tub Operator, Dyed Yarn Operator, Dyehouse Worker, Dyer, Dyer Helper, End Worker, Fabric Finisher, Felt Carbonizer, Felt Washing Machine Tender, Finisher Operator, Finishing Frame Runner, Finishing Machine Operator, Finishing Machine Tender, Finishing Room Operator, First Dyer, Formula Maker, Ink Jet Operator, Jet Dyeing Machine Operator, Jet Dyeing Machine Tender, Jet Operator, Jig Box Operator, Jig Hand, Jig Operator, Jig Worker, Jigger, Jigger Operator, Kettle Coordinator, Kettle Loader, Kettle Tender, Kier Boiler, Kier Hand, Kier Operator, Kier Pleater, Kier Tender, Knit Goods Washer, Laundry Machine Operator, Laundry Machine Tender, Leather Polisher, Leather Tanner, Lime Puller, Limer, Machine Dyer, Machine Operator, Machine Whitener, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Open Developer Operator, Package Dyeing Machine Operator, Padding Machine Operator, Panelboard Operator, Patch Washer, Pegger, Piece Dyer, Printer Operator, Quebracho Tanner, Re Dye Hand, Retanner, Rope Silica Machine Operator, Rotary Drum Dyer, Rotary Dryer Operator, Rug Dyer, Sample Dye Mixer, Scouring Train Operator, Scrubbing Machine Operator, Shrinker, Shrinking Machine Operator, Silk Conditioner, Silk Finisher, Silk Washing Machine Operator, Sizer, Skein Bleacher, Skein Dyer, Skein Washer, Skein Yarn Dyer, Skin Tanner, Space Operator, Staining Machine Operator, Strike Off Machine Operator, Tanner, Tanning Drum Operator, Tanning Wheel Operator, Tanyard Worker, Tender Coordinator, Tenter Frame Operator, Tin Whiz Machine Operator, Treater, Tub Operator, Tub Tender, Vat Tender, Warp Dyeing Tender, Warp Dyeing Vat Tender, Washer, Water Jet Operator, Wet Finisher, Whitener, Wool Dyer, Wool Washing Machine Operator, Yarn Dyer.