Textile Winding, Twisting, and Drawing Out Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders

Textile Winding, Twisting, and Drawing Out Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders

Set up, operate, or tend machines that wind or twist textiles; or draw out and combine sliver, such as wool, hemp, or synthetic fibers. Includes slubber machine and drawing frame operators.

Key Competencies * Independence * Dependability * Integrity * Self Control * Attention to Detail * Stress Tolerance * Initiative * Adaptability/Flexibility * Cooperation * Concern for Others

Representative Tasks * Start machines, monitor operation, and make adjustments as needed. * Notify supervisors or mechanics of equipment malfunctions. * Observe bobbins as they are winding and cut threads to remove loaded bobbins, using knives.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Automatic Beam Warper Tender, Automatic Quilling Machine Operator, Automatic Thread Winder, Automatic Winder Operator, Axminster Rug Setter, Back Winder, Backwinder, Ball Fringe Machine Operator, Ball Warper Tender, Ball Winder, Baller, Balling Machine Operator, Balling Tender, Bandage Winding Machine Operator, Batting Machine Operator, Beam Warper, Beamer, Beamer Hand, Beamer Operator, Beaming Machine Operator, Blocker, Board Winder, Bobbin Doffer, Bobbin Winder, Bonding Machine Setter, Box Tender, Braid Pattern Setter, Cable Operator, Calender Wind Up Tender, Carding Machine Operator, Carding Utility Tender, Cloth Doubling Machine Operator, Cloth Reeler, Cloth Winder, Cloth Winder Machine Operator, Coiler, Comb Winder, Comber, Combination Machine Tender, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Operator (CIM Operator), Cone Machine Operator, Cone Winder, Coner, Coning Machine Operator, Cop Winder, Copper, Copping Machine Operator, Core Winder, Covering Machine Operator, Creel Hand, Creel Operator, Creeler, Doubling Machine Operator, Draw Frame Operator, Draw Frame Runner, Draw Frame Tender, Draw Machine Operator, Draw Tender, Drawer, Drawing Box Tender, Drawing Frame Tender, Drawing Operator, Dresser Tender, Fiberglass Roving Winder, Finisher Card Tender, Fishing Line Winding Machine Operator, Fly Frame Tender, Foster Winder, Frame Hand, Frame Operator, Frame Runner, Frame Spinner, Frame Tender, Framer, Gasket Winder, Gill Box Tender, Hanker, Heatset Winder Operator, High Speed Warper Tender, Hooking Machine Operator, Jack Frame Tender, Jack Spinner, Jack Spooler Tender, Jack Winder, Lace Roller, Lace Winder, Lap Machine Tender, Line Operator, Long Chain Beamer, Long Winder Tender, Loom Doffer, Loom Winder Tender, Machine Bobbin Winder, Machine Rope Maker, Machine Setter, Manufacturing Operator, Mule Operator, Mule Spinner, Mule Tender, Nylon Winder, Open Winder, Paint Roller Winder, Paper Twister Tender, Piece Hand, Precise Winder, Quill Fixer, Quill Machine Operator, Quill Machine Tender, Quill Reamer, Quill Winder, Quiller, Quiller Hand, Quiller Operator, Quiller Runner, Quiller Tender, Rayon Coner, Rayon Winder, Rebeamer, Redrawer, Reel Operator, Reel Tender, Reel Winder, Reeler, Reeling Machine Operator, Reeling Operator, Respooler, Rewinder, Rewinder Operator, Ribbon Winder, Ring Spinner, Roll Up Machine Operator, Roller Operator, Rolling Down Machine Operator, Rolling Machine Operator, Rolling Machine Tender, Rope Laying Machine Operator, Rope Machine Setter, Rope Maker, Ropewalk Rope Maker, Roping Tender, Roving Changer, Roving Frame Tender, Roving Winder, Rubber Thread Spooler, Selvage Machine Operator, Sewing Machine Bobbin Winder, Silk Spooler, Silk Winding Machine Operator, Singe Winder, Skein Spooler, Skein Winder, Skeiner, Sliver Lap Machine Tender, Slubber, Slubber Hand, Slubber Machine Operator, Slubber Operator, Slubber Runner, Slubber Tender, Speed Runner, Speed Winder, Speeder Frame Tender, Speeder Hand, Speeder Machine Operator, Speeder Operator, Speeder Tender, Speeder Worker, Spinner, Spinner Hand, Spinner Operator, Spinner Tender, Spinning Doffer, Spinning Machine Operator, Spinning Machine Tender, Spinning Mule Operator, Spinning Mule Tender, Spinning Operator, Spinning Room Worker, Spool Tender, Spool Winder, Spooler, Spooling Machine Operator, Spooling Operator, Staple Processing Machine Operator, Strand Forming Machine Operator, Stretch Box Tender, Stretcher, Stretcher Operator, Stretching Machine Operator, Swift Tender, Take-Up Operator, Textile Draw-Out Machine Operator, Textile Draw-Out Machine Tender, Thread Dresser, Thread Reeler, Thread Spinner, Thread Twister, Thread Winder, Thrower, Tie in Hand, Tie in Machine Operator, Trimming Machine Operator, Tube Winder, Tufting Creeler, Twister Frame Tender, Twister Hand, Twister Operator, Twisting Frame Operator, Twisting Machine Operator, Uptwister Tender, Warp Changer, Warp Doffer, Warp Drawer, Warp Dresser, Warp Hand, Warp Hanger, Warp Picker, Warp Preparer, Warp Spinner, Warp Splitter, Warp Spooler, Warp Starter, Warp Tier, Warp Tying Machine Tender, Warper, Warper Creeler, Warper Fixer, Warper Tender, White Spooler, Winder Operator, Winder Tender, Winding Machine Operator, Winding Rack Operator, Wool Winder, Yarn Rewinder, Yarn Spinner, Yarn Spooler, Yarn Texturing Machine Operator, Yarn Twister, Yarn Utility Operator.