Tool Grinders, Filers, and Sharpeners

Tool Grinders, Filers, and Sharpeners

Perform precision smoothing, sharpening, polishing, or grinding of metal objects.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Independence * Cooperation * Adaptability/Flexibility * Analytical Thinking * Integrity * Persistence * Initiative * Innovation

Representative Tasks * Monitor machine operations to determine whether adjustments are necessary, stopping machines when problems occur. * Inspect, feel, and measure workpieces to ensure that surfaces and dimensions meet specifications. * Compute numbers, widths, and angles of cutting tools, micrometers, scales, and gauges, and adjust tools to produce specified cuts.


Manufacturing, Other Services (Except Public Administration),

Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Card Grinder, CNC Operator (Computer Numerically Controlled Operator), Computer Numerical Control Grinding Technician (CNC Grinding Technician), Crankshaft Grinder, Cutter Grind Tool Technician, Cutter Grinder, Cutting Tool Sharpener, Cylinder Grinder, Die Barber, Die Fitter, Die Grinder, Die Reamer, Die Sharpener, Die Trimmer, Filer, Finish Filer, Finisher, Grinder, Grinder Operator, Grinder Operator, External, Tool, Grinder Operator, Surface, Tool, Hand Tool Lapper, Internal Grinder Set-Up Operator, Machine Operator, Mold Repair Specialist, OD Grinder Operator (Outer Diameter Grinder Operator), Outer Diameter Grinder (OD Grinder), Outer Diameter Technician (OD Technician), Precision Grinder, Precision Honer, Sapphire Stylus Grinder, Saw Filer, Saw Straightener, Sharpener, Thread Grinder, Tool and Cutter Grinder, Tool Dresser, Tool Filer, Tool Grinder, Tool Grinder Operator, Tool Grinding Machine Operator, Tool Grinding Technician, Tool Maintenance Worker, Tool Room Utility Specialist, Tool Sharpener, Tool Straightener, Universal Grinder Set-Up Operator, Workcell Operator.