Training and Development Specialists

Training and Development Specialists

Design and conduct training and development programs to improve individual and organizational performance. May analyze training needs.

Key Competencies * Initiative * Cooperation * Dependability * Integrity * Adaptability/Flexibility * Attention to Detail * Self Control * Achievement/Effort * Concern for Others * Persistence

Representative Tasks * Design, plan, organize, or direct orientation and training programs for employees or customers. * Present information using a variety of instructional techniques or formats, such as role playing, simulations, team exercises, group discussions, videos, or lectures. * Assess training needs through surveys, interviews with employees, focus groups, or consultation with managers, instructors, or customer representatives.


Professional Scientific & Technical Services, Health Care & Social Assistance, Educational Services, Finance & Insurance,

Job Family Business and Financial Operations

Sample Job Titles Applications Trainer, Apprenticeship and Training Representative, Auxiliary Personnel Inservice Coordinator, Bilingual Trainer, Commercial Instructor Supervisor, Computer Technology Trainer, Computer Training Specialist, Corporate Trainer, Course Developer, Courseware Developer, Curriculum Developer, Curriculum Writer, Cyber Instructor, Development Associate, Development Coordinator, Development Specialist, Driver Retraining Instructor, E-Learning Designer, E-Learning Developer, Employee Development Specialist, Employee Training Specialist, Green Jobs Trainer, Green Material Construction Trade Instructor, Hardware Trainer, Human Resources Specialist (HR Specialist), Human Resources Trainer, Industrial Trainer, Information Technology Technical Trainer, Job Development Specialist, Job Training Specialist, Labor Trainer, Management Development Specialist, Manpower Development Advisor, Manpower Development Specialist, Older Worker Specialist, Personnel Training Officer, Port Purser, Product Trainer, Resume Writer, Safety Instructor, Sales Trainer, Scheme Technician, Senior Instructor, Skill Training Program Coordinator, Skills Trainer, Software Trainer, Supervisory Training Specialist, Technical Instructor, Technical Trainer, Technical Training Coordinator, Trainer, Training Assistant, Training Consultant, Training Coordinator, Training Developer, Training Facilitator, Training Personnel Supervisor, Training Specialist, Workforce Development Assistant, Workforce Development Specialist.