Transportation Security Screeners

Transportation Security Screeners

Conduct screening of passengers, baggage, or cargo to ensure compliance with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. May operate basic security equipment such as x-ray machines and hand wands at screening checkpoints.

Key Competencies * Integrity * Dependability * Self Control * Attention to Detail * Stress Tolerance * Cooperation * Adaptability/Flexibility * Concern for Others * Persistence * Initiative

Representative Tasks * Test baggage for any explosive materials, using equipment such as explosive detection machines or chemical swab systems. * Inspect carry-on items, using x-ray viewing equipment, to determine whether items contain objects that warrant further investigation. * Search carry-on or checked baggage by hand when it is suspected to contain prohibited items such as weapons.



Job Family Protective Service

Sample Job Titles Airline Security Representative, Airport Baggage Screener, Airport Screener, Airport Security Screener, Bag Checker, Baggage Inspector, Baggage Screener, Baggage Security Checker, Biometric Screener, Flight Security Specialist, Notification Specialist, Passenger Screener, Screener, Security Inspector, Security Officer, Security Screener, Transportation Security Administration Screener (TSA Screener), Transportation Security Officer (TSO), Transportation Security Screener.