Woodworking Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Except Sawing

Woodworking Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Except Sawing

Set up, operate, or tend woodworking machines, such as drill presses, lathes, shapers, routers, sanders, planers, and wood nailing machines. May operate CNC equipment.

Key Competencies * Attention to Detail * Dependability * Adaptability/Flexibility * Independence * Integrity * Persistence * Cooperation * Self Control * Analytical Thinking * Innovation

Representative Tasks * Examine finished workpieces for smoothness, shape, angle, depth-of-cut, or conformity to specifications and verify dimensions, visually and using hands, rules, calipers, templates, or gauges. * Set up, program, operate, or tend computerized or manual woodworking machines, such as drill presses, lathes, shapers, routers, sanders, planers, or wood-nailing machines. * Examine raw woodstock for defects and to ensure conformity to size and other specification standards.



Job Family Production

Sample Job Titles Adzing and Boring Machine Operator, Artificial Log Machine Operator, Automatic Clipper, Automatic Nailing Machine Operator, Automatic Profile Shaper Operator, Balloon Sander, Band Nailer, Bander, Barker Operator, Barrel Builder, Barrel Charrer, Barrel Lathe Operator, Barrel Maker, Basket Assembler, Basket Braider, Basket Maker, Basket Weaver, Bender Machine Operator, Bending Frame Operator, Blind Slat Stapling Machine Operator, Board Finisher, Borer, Boring Machine Operator, Bottom Hoop Driver, Bottom Turning Lathe Tender, Bottom Turning Lathe Turner, Bowl Turner, Box Blank Machine Operator, Box Stapler, Box-Blank-Machine Operator, Briar Cutter, Bucker, Bucket Chucker, Bucket Turner, Burn Table Operator, Cabinet Maker, Checkering Machine Adjuster, Chip Machine Operator, Chip Mixing Machine Operator, Chipper, Chipper Machine Operator, Chucking and Boring Machine Operator, Chucking Machine Operator, Chucking Machine Set Up Operator, Cleat Blanker, Cleat Maker, Cleater, CNC Wood Lathe Operator, Computer Numerical Control Operator (CNC Operator), Copy Lathe Tender, Core Composer Feeder, Core Layer Machine Operator, Cork Grinder, Cork Molder, Corrugated Fastener Driver, Corrugator, Creosoting Engineer, Custom Shop Worker, Cylinder Sander Operator, Dado Operator, Dolly Operator, Dollyman, Door Clamper, Doors Prefitter, Double End Trimmer, Dovetail Machine Operator, Dovetailer, Dowel Inserting Machine Operator, Dowel Machine Operator, Dowel Maker, Doweler, Embossing Machine Operator, End Frazer, End Matcher, End Stapler, End Touching Machine Operator, Excelsior Machine Operator, Excelsior Machine Tender, Fastener, Flake Cutter Operator, Flooring Machine Operator, Foot Miter Operator, Frame Polisher, Frame Table Operator, Framer, Frazer, Groover and Striper Operator, Header, Heading Machine Operator, Heading Pinner, Heel Nailing Machine Operator, Hinging Machine Operator, Hoop Expander, Hoop Machine Operator, Hoop Maker, Hoop Riveter, Hooper, Impregnator, Incising Machine Operator, Inletter, Inside Barrel Lathe Operator, Jointer Machine Operator, Jointer Operator, Knife Setter, Knot Saw Operator, Laminating Machine Operator, Lap Machine Operator, Lapper, Last Scourer, Last Trimmer, Last Turner, Lathe Operator, Lathe Sander, Lathe Set Up Operator, Lathe Spotter, Linderman, Linderman Machine Operator, Linderman Operator, Line Tender, Lock Corner Machine Operator, Log Cooker, Lumber Press Operator, Lumber Tripper, Machine Bender, Machine Operator, Machine Sander, Machine Setter, Machine Slat Basket Maker, Machine Wood Sander, Machine Woodworking Sander, Manufacturing Assistant, Manufacturing Associate, Manufacturing Operator, Miller, Molder Feeder, Molder Operator, Molding Cutter, Molding Sander, Mortising Machine Operator, Multi-Purpose Machine Operator, Multiple Drum Sander, Nail Kegger, Nail Setter, Nail Sticker, Nailer, Nailer Operator, Nailhead Operator, Nailhead Setter, Nailing Machine Operator, Outside Barrel Lathe Operator, Pipe and Tank Fabricator, Planer, Planer Operator, Planer Operator / Grader, Planer Setup Operator, Planer Type Milling Machine Setup Operator, Planing Machine Operator, Plasma Table Operator, Plow and Boring Machine Tender, Plug Machine Operator, Plugging Machine Operator, Plywood Scarfer Tender, Pole Peeling Machine Operator, Portable Machine Sander, Power Barker, Power Barker Operator, Power Bender Operator, Profile Shaper Operator, Pulley Mortiser Operator, Puncher, Putty Worker, Rabbet Operator, Rafter Cutting Machine Operator, Rail Bender, Repair Table Operator, Retort Engineer, Rodding Machine Tender, Roof Truss Builder, Roof Truss Machine Tender, Rough Planer Tender, Rounding Machine Tender, Router Operator, Router Tender, Sander, Sander Operator, Sanding Machine Buffer, Sanding Machine Operator or Tender, Sanding Machine Tender, Scooping Machine Tender, Set Up Worker, Set-Up Mechanic, Shake Backboard Notcher, Shank Threader, Shaper Operator, Shook Machine Operator, Shuttle Spotter, Sizing Machine Tender, Skiver, Skiving Machine Operator, Skoog Machine Operator, Skoog Operator, Skoog Patching Machine Operator, Slab Tripper, Slack Cooper, Slat Basket Maker, Slicing Machine Operator/Tender, Slicing Machine Tender, Small Craft Operator, Smoking Pipe Driller and Threader, Spar Machine Operator, Speed Belt Sander, Speed Belt Sander Tender, Spindle Carver, Splicer Operator, Splitter Tender, Splitting Machine Operator, Splitting Machine Tender, Squeezer, Squeezer Operator, Stacker Tender, Stapler, Stapling Machine Operator, Stave Jointer, Stave Machine Tender, Steam Box Operator, Stemhole Borer, Stock Checker, Stroke Belt Sander Operator, Swing Type Lathe Operator, Tenoner Operator, Timber Sizer, Timber Sizer Operator, Tip Inserter, Tongue and Groove Machine Operator, Touch-Up Carver, Trans Router, Treating Engineer, Trimmer and Borer Machine Operator, Trimming Machine Set-Up Operator, Truss Builder, Turner, Turning Lathe Tender, Turning Machine Set-Up Operator, Turning Sander Operator, Turning Sander Tender, Turret Lathe Operator, Turret Lathe Set Up Operator, Veneer Clipper, Veneer Joiner, Veneer Jointer, Veneer Jointer Operator, Veneer Lathe Operator, Veneer Press Operator, Veneer Slicing Machine Operator, Veneer Splicer, Weaver, Whiting Machine Operator, Wire Stitcher, Wood Borer, Wood Boring Machine Operator, Wood Carving Lathe Operator, Wood Carving Machine Operator, Wood Chopper, Wood Coat Hanger Shaper Machine Operator, Wood Dowel Machine Operator, Wood Drill Operator, Wood Drilling Machine Operator, Wood Gouger, Wood Handler, Wood Heel Back Liner, Wood Lathe Operator, Wood Machine Carver, Wood Miller, Wood Milling Machine Hand, Wood Milling Machine Operator, Wood Milling Machine Tender, Wood Molder, Wood Planer, Wood Router, Wood Router Hand, Wood Turner, Wood Turning Lathe Operator, Woodworking Belt Sander.