Case Study

Harness the Force of Military Grade Technology

Client: Office of Naval Research

Stealth Adapt: Revolutionizing UAS Operator Selection


Address UAS mishaps, over 50% of which are due to human factors. Stealth Adapt, by Adaptive Immersion Technologies, was developed for the U.S. military to predict UAS mission success by assessing operator cognitive skills and personal attributes.


Stealth Adapt, which uses algorithmic stealth assessment technology in a realistic search-and-rescue scenario, has been validated within military operations. It reduces training costs, mitigates failure risks, and improves mission success, and is now being integrated into the Navy’s formal training.

Military Benefit:

Stealth Adapt’s ability to predict mission outcomes based on operator traits allows for optimal UAS team member selection, maximizing success and minimizing catastrophic failures.

Key Facts:

The scenario generation technology behind Stealth Adapt now powers all of Adaptive’s immersive assessments for industry.

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