The Science Behind Our Innovation

The science behind Adaptive Immersion’s immersive assessment solutions is based on a simple, but powerful concept – “Prove it”. Prove you can do the job. Demonstrate each building block skill to proficiency. And the power of this concept has been proven across scientific research studies – there is no better way to predict performance than to observe it in action.

“Prove it” is the driving force behind Adaptive Immersion’s hyper-focused quest to create authentic, immersive assessment content saturated with real-world job challenges. Critical incidents that have tested real workers performing real jobs. With real, often dire consequences. Not test situations.

The science behind our authentic assessment process thrives on innovation at the crux of psychometrics, artificial intelligence, and workplace performance prediction. Crafted to reveal the true potential of candidates, our assessments empower organizations with insights for informed decisions.
Focused on precision skill measurement and objective ROI metrics, our assessments offer a comprehensive picture of the candidate’s unique skill profile, enabling a deep understanding of their job-related strengths and weaknesses. This helps our customers build an outstanding workforce adaptable to any environment.

As pioneers in game-based assessment, Adaptive Immersion leads the revolution in selection and training technologies. Rooted in a blend of algorithmic science, adaptive scenario generation, and precision psychometrics, our methodologies optimize human performance in challenging military and industry roles.

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Unleashing Analytical Excellence for Proven Results

Adaptive Immersion’s assessment technology is anchored in analytic expertise that delivers tangible outcomes. We champion data-driven decision-making, basing our approach on scientific principles backed by extensive research and real-world insights. Innovations in artificial intelligence, quantitative science, and machine learning integrated with the latest assessment technology ensure top-notch solutions.

With a rich history of assessing diverse talents and refining elite military skills, our team is primed for the toughest talent selection challenges. Focused on precision and objectivity, our job assessments provide a holistic understanding of candidates’ capabilities for well-informed and unbiased decision-making.

Delve into the science behind our assessments, experiencing the transformative impact of our analytical expertise. Join us in crafting a future-ready workforce with the perfect talent for every rol

The Science of Stealth

Predicting job performance shouldn’t be a guessing game. At Adaptive Immersion, we revolutionize talent assessment through our exclusive stealth assessment technology, offering a dynamic approach to measure cognitive, personality, and skill attributes.

Stealth assessment gives candidates an immersive game-like experience while taking serious skill metrics behind the scenes. This provides a realistic and engaging job preview while enabling candidates to prove their readiness.

When you partner with us, you empower candidates to showcase their abilities authentically. Our team of experts employs precision psychometrics, using behind the scenes scoring algorithms, and capturing real-world decision-making with the precision seen in high-stakes exams, all in customized simulation-based formats.

Our stealth method lets candidates showcase relevant skills, giving hiring managers confidence in their hires and reducing turnover risks. Legacy assessments often fall short, risking candidate disengagement. Our approach transforms digital talent assessments into immersive experiences, presenting real-time problem-solving within video game environments. These environments, though entertaining, serve as a serious preview of a candidate’s role, capturing comprehensive metrics of the skills essential for success.

This realistic preview is a win-win. Candidates prove their relevance, showcasing specific job skills, while employers gain confidence in making informed hires. The result? Decreased turnover, enhanced productivity, engaged hires…and a strong foundation for a thriving workforce.

Warrior Selection Technology for Industry

Adaptive Immersion’s clients gain a distinct advantage through our extensive experience developing highly specialized training and selection products for our military, defense, and government partners.

Our collaboration with the Department of Defense on active and completed Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts has paved the way for cutting-edge advancements in assessing human performance in automated and autonomous systems. Additionally, we’ve delved into the design and analysis of AI capabilities for adaptive training, analytics, and unmanned system support.

The patent pending technologies for enhancing mission readiness – including artificial intelligence support for job analysis, smart adaptive training algorithms, and domain-agnostic stealth assessment – are paving the way for new, disruptive innovations. Our mission is to enhance performance and productivity across a variety of industries, including emerging tech, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, military, law enforcement, and healthcare.

Revolutionizing HR Tech with Military Precision

Our HR technology is not just cutting-edge; it’s battle tested. Rooted in military research for predicting performance in the most demanding and dangerous jobs, our approach is a game-changer.

Military forces operate in the harshest conditions, honing their skills 24/7. Drawing from the same foundational tech used to build this rigorous training, our team has crafted the world’s most comprehensive virtual job simulation engine.

This military-grade technology, designed for candidates to prove and improve their job-related skills, is now accessible across diverse industries.

We’ve made accessible the power of realistic, simulated challenges—originally developed for the toughest jobs in the world. Whether in retail, safety, manufacturing, hospitality, or beyond, our technology ensures that organizations benefit from the same level of precision that military operators rely on to excel in their roles. Welcome to a new era of HR technology—where military precision meets workforce excellence.