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Virtual Assessments, Real Talent. Find The Perfect Fit.

Virtual Assessments,
Real Talent.
Find The Perfect Fit.

Can your top candidates do the job? Let them prove it. Designed to revolutionize the way you hire, our interactive pre-employment assessments help you to hire better, faster, smarter. eliminates the guesswork of hiring. Brought to you by the minds at Adaptive Immersion, uses AI’s proprietary stealth assessment technology to put cutting edge technology in the hands of every human resources professional, ensuring you’ll select the best, proven performers for your jobs. offers assessments for over 1,100 industry job titles to help you select, retain, and develop top talent. Powered by military grade artificial intelligence and simulation technology, assessments include customizable, immersive, game-based job scenarios, interactive item formats, and state-of-the-art personality measurement to accurately predict candidate performance.

Realistic sims

for real-world skills

  • Amusement, Gaming, and Entertainment

    Service orientation, attention to detail

  • Barista

    Enthusiasm, service, precision

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

    Systems thinking, analytic mindset

  • Cashier

    Accuracy, efficiency, service

  • Construction Laborer

    Dependability, safety-orientation, cooperation

  • Customer Service Representatives

    Empathy, communication, problem-solving

  • Dining Operations

    Resourcefulness, safety, integrity

  • Food Preparation

    Creativity, attention to detail

  • Hospitality – Hotel, Motel, Resort

    Warmth, service, attention to detail

  • Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerks

    Courtesy, efficiency, professionalism

  • Laborers and Freight, Stock, and Material Movers

    Dependability, safety, efficiency

  • Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners

    Integrity, adaptability, safety orientation

  • Management

    Leadership, strategic thinking, teamwork orientation

  • Office and Administrative Support

    Organization, efficiency, reliability

  • Personal Care

    Compassion, safety, attentiveness

  • Power and Utilities

    Safety orientation, precision, adaptability.

  • Protective Service

    Adaptability, diligence, empathy

  • Retail Loss Prevention Specialists

    Assertiveness, vigilance, attention to detail

  • Retail Salespersons

    Service orientation, adaptability, customer focus

  • Sales

    Persuasiveness, empathy, relationship-building

  • Security Guards

    Integrity, vigilance, adaptability

  • Stockers and Order Fillers

    Accuracy, dependability, attention to detail

  • Transportation & Material Moving

    Safety consciousness, resourcefulness, precision

  • Waiters and Waitresses

    Customer focus, service, communication

  • Workplace Safety

    Safety orientation, vigilance, adaptability

Craft your perfect version with customized solutions

Craft your perfect version with customized solutions

Tailored solutions sculpted to fit your unique needs, maximizing ROI through precision and expertise.