Practice the worst-case scenario Every Day

Practice the worst-case scenario Every Day

Tactical VR training with adaptive, intelligent scenario generation.

Train them realistically,
watch them perform exceptionally

Train them realistically, watch them perform exceptionally

Adaptive Immersion’s cutting-edge virtual reality training systems offer a safe environment for your team to practice and master even the most difficult and risky tasks. Our immersive simulations are designed to prepare trainees for the world’s most challenging tasks by virtualizing the key elements of real-world scenarios, allowing for increased practice reps and sets.

This ensures that your team acquires the skills they need and retains them permanently, ready to apply them in critical situations. Elevate your team’s performance to new heights, transforming virtual challenges into real results.

Simulated pressure, real performance. Train them to thrive.

Simulate the toughest challenges

forge the toughest performers.

One sim. Sixteen million possibilities.

One sim.
Sixteen million possibilities.

Universal Scenario Generation

Universal Scenario Generation

Introducing Adaptive Immersion’s Generative AI for Universal Scenario Generation – a revolutionary approach to military training that unlocks an unprecedented level of customization and realism. Our cutting-edge system harnesses the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and advanced psychometric and machine learning algorithms to create highly realistic, tailored training scenarios for any military domain. With our solution, you can tap into a vast array of possibilities, all within a single, versatile simulation platform.

Imagine a training tool that not only adapts to your specific requirements but also accurately reflects the diverse tasks, conditions, and equipment relevant to each specialty within the military. By seamlessly incorporating domain-specific documentation, such as technical manuals, training curricula, and standard operating procedures, our Universal Scenario Generation system ensures that the generated scenarios closely mirror the challenges and decision-making processes encountered by personnel in the field. The result? Highly effective training outcomes that prepare your teams for real-world performance demands.

Experience the power of customization with our user-friendly, no-code interface. Whether you’re a training developer, curriculum manager, or scenario planner, you can rapidly tailor training domains and outputs to your needs without any specialized programming knowledge. Choose from a range of output formats, including narrative outputs for live training exercises, detailed scenario blueprints for implementation guidance, and code generation for seamless integration with simulation game engines. Create and deploy training content that truly resonates with your team – all within a single, comprehensive simulation solution.

Virtual challenges, real results. Train them to win.

VR EOD Training

Prepare warfighters for dangerous mission environments without the risk. Rehearse team operating procedures and gain actionable insights from performance data visualized in After-Action Review.

Virtual SOF Mission Training

Adaptive Immersion revolutionizes Air Mission Commander and Flight Lead training with cost-effective, game-based simulations that provide adaptive scenarios and personalized experiences.

Air Traffic Controller Selection

Adaptive Immersion’s simulation-based assessments evaluate key traits for Air Traffic Controllers by mirroring real-world high-pressure environments, ensuring precise candidate selection.

Stealth Adapt

Revolutionize candidate search with Stealth Adapt. Assess technical & soft skills in high-tech fields like automation & robotics. A military-grade innovation for modern hiring.

Warrior Selection

Assess mission readiness with Warrior Selection. Measure 25 key traits like grit & adaptability in realistic simulations. Uncover essential traits for military success.

Customized Training

Adaptive leads in immersive VR training for 13+ years. Targeting job requirements & soft skills, we empower you with tech & research to make top talent decisions.

Project Profiles: Military and Defense Solutions

Project Profiles: Military and Defense Solutions

For over 13 years, Adaptive Immersion has been a leader in bringing cutting-edge virtual training to our nation’s warfighters. We know that to build the world’s best military, our brave men and women need the very best preparation. That’s why we create realistic virtual scenarios that let them practice their skills and get ready for any mission.

Throughout our history, we have participated in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, developing groundbreaking technologies that have transitioned directly into the hands of our warfighters. From virtualizing Broken Arrow missions to enhancing air traffic controller safety, our immersive simulations provide the virtual scenarios that build real skills.

At Adaptive Immersion, we’re proud to play a role in building an unbeatable defense workforce by immersing our warfighters in the realistic training they need to succeed in their critical jobs.

Craft your perfect version with customized solutions

Craft your perfect version with customized solutions

Tailored solutions sculpted to fit your unique needs, maximizing ROI through precision and expertise.