This is a Game Changer

This is a Game Changer

Revolutionizing How To Build Your Next Generation Workforce

Since 2011, Adaptive Immersion has been at the forefront of using technology-enabled assessments to enhance hiring, training, and on-the-job experiences for employers, team members, and candidates.
A Florida-based small business, Adaptive’s journey began with a talented team of researchers and technology professionals who blended psychology, technology, and science to optimize human performance in military training and jobs. Over the years, we’ve supported diverse military job domains, from special operations to drone operators, military aviation, combat casualty care, explosive ordnance disposal, and more.
Our team boasts extensive analytical expertise, with specialists in industrial/organizational psychology, virtual reality, game and simulation development, human factors, artificial intelligence, data and algorithmic science, and DevOps.
Today, our growth has been exponential, expanding our expertise beyond specialized military-grade training to encompass a wide range of commercial positions. We leverage this knowledge to craft customized assessment scenarios, offering over 25 captivating recruitment and skills assessments. These scenarios are tailored to meet the specific requirements of any job or mission, combining interactive, game-based, and virtual reality (VR) simulations. They go beyond assessing practical skills, delving into essential competencies such as initiative, leadership, dependability, effort, attention to detail, adaptability, persistence, and integrity.
Join us in reshaping how you approach workforce development. At Adaptive Immersion, we’re not just assessing skills; we’re unlocking potential.

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Immersive Assessments:

Engage candidates with realistic scenarios through our adaptive, game-based approach. This not only makes the evaluation process stimulating but also serves as a proven platform for candidates to showcase their knowledge and skills. Our authentic assessments reliably predict a higher caliber of hires.

Real-Time Skill Testing:

Experience assessments that provide tangible proof, not guesswork. Witness candidates’ real-world decision-making and problem-solving skills in action, gaining valuable insights for informed decisions.

Uncover Hidden Gems:

Explore each candidate’s true potential by measuring a comprehensive spectrum of job-related traits, creating a holistic talent profile. Beyond qualifications, our assessments unveil a candidate’s personality, work styles, and ability to navigate day-to-day challenges.

Optimize Talent:

Identify top-tier candidates perfectly aligned with your team’s needs and culture. Our precise evaluations empower you to maximize the potential of your workforce.

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Meet the Visionary Leader of the Adaptive Team

Phillip M. Mangos, Ph.D.

CEO/President and Chief Scientist

Phillip M. Mangos, Ph.D., is the visionary human performance technology innovator and entrepreneur who leads our cutting-edge research and customized solutions that elevate both individual and organizational performance. With an extensive background in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and adaptive assessment and training solutions, he specializes in developing accurate, immersive tools for talent assessment and prediction. As our chief scientist, he is a driving force in predicting and enhancing workplace functions.
Dr. Mangos is also the firm’s principal investigator, spearheading multiple SBIR contracts (Phase I, II, and II.5). His focus? The development of groundbreaking simulation and game-based technologies, integrated with AI, machine learning, and adaptive content generation capabilities.
Prior to founding Adaptive Immersion Technologies, Dr. Mangos made waves as a research psychologist and quantitative scientist within the U.S. Navy and other esteemed consulting firms. His applied research expertise has contributed to the creation of tailored personnel measurement, selection and training systems across diverse work domains, including military command and control, aviation, manufacturing, transportation, public safety, and intelligence.
Dr. Mangos’ relentless pursuit of innovation and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of human performance technology make him a true trailblazer in the field.
For a complete list of Dr. Mangos’ research publications, visit:

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Tampa, Florida: Innovation Headquarters

In 2011, Dr. Phillip Mangos selected Tampa, Florida, as home to Adaptive Immersion’s headquarters due to the region’s strong roots in healthcare simulation and entrepreneurship. Adaptive Immersion thrived in this growing epicenter of technology and innovation as a trailblazing force in the world of game-based selection systems and training and development.
With a mission to reshape military training, Adaptive Immersion boldly introduced warfighters to realistic, interactive virtual reality (VR) environments. In these immersive scenarios, they put their decision-making skills to the test in real-time, including developing it one more level to incorporate Special Operation Forces (SOF) in simulated situations.
The impact was undeniable. The company’s revolutionary approach transformed traditional military training processes, setting new standards for excellence. Adaptive’s commitment to providing customizable assessments for any Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) cemented its reputation as a go-to resource for tailored solutions.
As the firm continues its growth, its reach extends far beyond the military domain. Recognizing the potential to drive change in industries worldwide, the company expanded its expertise to offer intelligent training solutions and digital talent assessments for both government and commercial sectors. With a staggering array of over 1,100 job titles covered in its 25 customizable assessment options, Adaptive Immersion delivers measurable results that empower employers to make confident choices.
Our pursuit of excellence never ends. Driven by innovation and a passion for unlocking human potential, the company continues to lead the charge in enhancing training, development, and selection processes. Join us as we explore new horizons and redefine what’s possible in training and talent assessment. Make Adaptive Immersion your unwavering partner on this extraordinary journey.

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