Case Study

Where Productivity Meets Praise: A Case Study in E-commerce Workforce Optimization

Customer: A consortium of large retail and e-commerce business partners

Challenge: Navigating the E-commerce workforce conundrum


Faced with the task of refining the selection process, the aim was to mold a fulfillment center workforce that seamlessly blended operational efficiency with a customer-centric ethos, ensuring not only productivity but also a positive and reliable customer experience.


With Adaptive Immersion’s, the selection process was refined to identify candidates who not only demonstrated high levels of productivity but also received accolades from customers for their exceptional service.


Adaptive Immersion focuses on tailoring assessments to identify candidates with a unique blend of service orientation, work ethic, efficiency, and customer-centric qualities required for a productive fulfillment setting.

HR Managers reported that among those candidates who performed in the top tier of the assessment:

considered the most productive in their cohort
had received customer praise
would be considered for rehire by their supervisor, if given the chance
were rated as highly dependable

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