Using innovative technology to predict job performance

Our experienced team of researchers and developers have perfected the science behind pre-employment assessments to help you hire more efficiently and effectively. Our specialized game-based tool tests real-world decision-making, problem-solving, and contingency planning, whether it is assessing readiness for a high-risk military mission, or how to deal with a difficult customer at a retail establishment.
Our realistic job simulations are built for specific roles with the exact content candidates need to experience a day on the job. The candidate plays an immersive game with decision-making scenarios while it reveals key traits about their character and soft skills.

Job Profiling and Hard Skills Analysis: Gauge how well a candidate can learn and process new information and processes while comparing the results with your ideal employee.
Benchmarking: Determine hidden strengths and weaknesses. Our assessments offer a window into the abilities, key character traits, and soft skills that candidates may not even realize they have.

Culture Match and Personality: Reveal what it takes for a candidate to stay once they’re hired. If it’s a good fit from the start, they’re more likely to stay.

Actionable: Reduce turnover and enhance team performance by learning more about what motivates candidates and current employees.

Craft your perfect version with customized solutions

Craft your perfect version with customized solutions

Tailored solutions sculpted to fit your unique needs, maximizing ROI through precision and expertise.