Tech-Powered Solutions for Precision Assessment

Tech-Powered Solutions for Precision Assessment

Delivering the right hiring and training solutions by blending the power of technology, research, and psychology.

Military-Grade Training Meets Data-Driven Insights

An innovator in engaging game-based recruitment applications that accurately predict job performance, AI leverages our extensive experience with military-grade training to deliver relevant workforce training and development tools for more than 1,100 industry and military job titles. We can also customize these tools for your organization and positions. By utilizing realistic, immersive decision-making scenarios, our clients are able to make informed, hiring and training decisions based on data-driven insights.

Discover the Adaptive Advantage: Elevate Your Talent Decisions

Adaptive Immersion has been at the forefront of game-based recruitment and training for 13+ years. We firmly believe that the key to solving complex hiring and retention challenges lies in authentically assessing candidates based on the specific qualities that define success within the job. Our expert team brings together the power of technology and research, equipping you with the tools to make the best talent decisions.

What Sets us Apart?

Strengthen Your Workforce

With our immersive tools, you can elevate your ability to compete for the best talent in the market. Our assessments go beyond traditional methods, identifying candidates who truly shine in their roles.

Data-Driven Decisions

Say goodbye to guesswork. Our approach is grounded in data and insights, empowering you to make effective talent decisions that drive success.

Efficiency And Savings

Time and money matter. With Adaptive, you can streamline your talent acquisition and development processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective.


Transform hiring with Work Adapt’s 1,100+ game-based job title assessments. Customizable for any position, it’s the future of industry recruitment.

Stealth Adapt

Revolutionize candidate search with Stealth Adapt. Assess technical & soft skills in high-tech fields like automation & robotics. A military-grade innovation for modern hiring.

Warrior Selection

Assess mission readiness with Warrior Selection. Measure 25 key traits like grit & adaptability in realistic simulations. Uncover essential traits for military success.

Customized Training

Adaptive leads in immersive VR training for 13+ years. Targeting job requirements & soft skills, we empower you with tech & research to make top talent decisions.

Transform Hiring with Game-Based Assessments and Immersive VR Training

Pre-Employment Game-Based Assessments

Using innovative technology to predict job performance
Revolutionize hiring with game-based assessments! Test decision-making & problem-solving to find the perfect fit. Discover strengths, match culture, boost performance.

Immersive Training

Engaging VR scenarios targeting job requirements and soft skills
Adaptive Immersion leads in immersive VR training for 13 years. Targeting job requirements & soft skills, we empower you with tech & research to make top talent decisions.

Craft your perfect version with customized solutions

Tailored solutions sculpted to fit your unique needs, maximizing ROI through precision and expertise.