challenges traditional hiring by prioritizing potential over experience, identifying future experts through adaptive assessments.

In today’s dynamic job market, the quest for talent is unending, especially when it comes to hiring entry-level or early career workers. A common dilemma for employers centers around experience: Who has it, and how much? Yet, perhaps it’s time to approach this from a fresh perspective.

Redefining Expertise in an Evolving Workforce

Conventional wisdom suggests that an expert is someone who has spent at least a decade honing their skills through daily, deliberate practice. This definition, while accurate, overlooks the potential inherent in those who have yet to accumulate such extensive experience but are no less capable of exceptional performance.’s approach to hiring is built on this understanding — that the next generation of experts can be identified by their attributes and potential, rather than just their past experiences.

The conventional definition of expertise – 10+ years of deliberate practice in a specific field – does not always align with the needs of today’s dynamic work environments. Employers in various sectors increasingly require employees who demonstrate adaptability, problem-solving acumen, and the ability to make informed decisions.

Bridging the Experience Gap

While experience can be valuable, it isn’t the sole predictor of future success. The entry-level and early career workforce is a rich source of untapped potential. Traditional hiring practices, which often prioritize past experience, often fail to capture the full picture of a candidate’s capabilities and potential for growth. addresses this gap by focusing on what truly matters: the inherent attributes that indicate a candidate’s ability to adapt and excel in any work situation. Through our innovative pre-hire assessments, we enable organizations to identify and invest in future experts, ensuring they hit the ground running from day one. The Key to Identifying Future Experts’s assessments were developed with the understanding that intuition, thinking, problem-solving, and smart decision-making skills are essential elements of expertise – the foundational building blocks to achieving expert performance in any career field as one accumulates job related experience.

These are the competencies that truly differentiate exceptional performers from the rest — and they are precisely what’s assessments are designed to test. Our approach combines low-fidelity and high-fidelity situational assessments to evaluate the skills and personality traits essential for success on the job. This method ensures an objective, precise, and comprehensive understanding of each candidate’s potential, beyond what resumes and traditional interviews can reveal.

Key features of our innovative pre-hire assessment solutions:

  • Situational Assessments: A combination of low-fidelity and high-fidelity assessments allows for a comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ skillsets through realistic workplace scenarios.

  • Targeted Focus: We measure the skills and personality attributes that are directly tied to success for a specific role. This ensures that the data you receive translates into actionable insights for your hiring process.

  • Data-Driven Approach: Our assessments are designed to deliver bias-free results, removing reliance on subjective judgments and giving organizations the confidence to make informed hiring decisions. helps you identify individuals who possess the essential skills and innate potential to:

  • Rapidly Adapt to New Situations: Candidates who excel in our assessments demonstrate exceptional critical thinking and adaptability, qualities crucial for success in rapidly changing workplaces.

  • Learn Quickly and Effectively: Our assessments identify individuals with a natural aptitude for continuous learning who will swiftly become productive members of your team.

  • Become Future Experts: The high-potential candidates identified through possess the attributes necessary to develop into future experts in your organization.

The Advantage

By focusing on the foundational elements of adaptable intelligence, offers a transformative approach to hiring early career candidates. Our assessments enable organizations to:

  • Invest in Great Hires: Identify candidates with the right profile of attributes for adaptability and growth.

  • Minimize Hiring Risk: Reduce the time and expense associated with making poor hiring decisions.

  • Increase Employee Retention: Identify individuals highly likely to experience early success and long-term engagement.

  • Enhance the Hiring Process: Improve the candidate experience and streamline the hiring process, saving valuable time and resources.

  • Build a Pipeline of Future Talent: Create a powerful talent pool filled with individuals primed to excel within your organization. Build a workforce poised to evolve into the next generation of experts!


In a world where the pace of change is ever-accelerating, the ability to quickly adapt and learn is more critical than ever. empowers organizations to look beyond conventional metrics and identify candidates who are not just qualified for today’s challenges but are also capable of leading tomorrow’s innovations. With, you’re not just hiring for the job — you’re investing in the future of your organization.

Let transform your approach to hiring. Discover the potential in every candidate and build the foundation for a future-proof workforce.

Let’s play. Let’s hire. Let’s build the future of work, together.

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