Digital Talent Assessment | Customer Service Representatives

Unlock the opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their job skills with, a comprehensive digital talent assessment platform. Powered by Adaptive Immersion’s stealth assessment technology and built upon the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database developed and maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor. Can they do the job? Let them prove it.

Type of Assessments:

  • Situational Judgment: Estimate candidates’ behavioral response in the workplace by prompting them with realistic problem solving scenarios encountered on the job.
  • Personal Attributes: Examines candidates’ individual personality profile along xx key dimensions to predict their potential fit within a specific role.
  • Basic Work Skills Assessment: Evaluates candidates’ common sense understanding of the most fundamental safety, service, and performance skills needed to succeed on Day 1.

  • Interactive Scenario: Video game quality test of a candidate’s real-world problem solving in an immersive game environment

Engagement Items

  • Multiple Choice

  • Ranking

  • Rating

  • Slider

  • Categorization

  • Heat Map

  • Image

  • Audio

  • Video

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Case Scenario

Customer Service Representative,  Customer Service Specialist,  Customer Service Agent

General Job Description

Interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services and to handle and resolve complaints.

Key Traits this Assessment Measures


Tendency to work well with others by actively contributing to team efforts, such as assisting colleagues with accurate information about products or services and with customer’s transactions, inquiries, or complaints.


Tendency to prioritize punctuality by showing up to work on time, answering to customer’s inquiries promptly, reliably provide information about products or services, accurately take or enter orders, and obtain information about complaints.

Attention to Detail:

Tendency to carefully review customer’s inquiries, orders for accuracy, records of customer interactions, and ensure appropriate changes are made to resolve customer issues.

Concern for Others:

Tendency to be understanding by approaching interactions with genuine empathy, seek to understand customer’s desires and needs, and have a natural inclination to provide customers support, guidance, and appropriate solutions.


Tendency to be honest and adhere to ethical values by prioritizing transparency with customers and colleagues and treating them with respect, maintaining confidentiality when required, acknowledging transactional mistakes and taking appropriate steps to resolve them.

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